Günzburg – Mindelheim railway line

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Günzburg – Mindelheim
Section of the Günzburg – Mindelheim railway line
Route number : 5351
Course book section (DB) : 978
Route length: 55.119 km
Gauge : 1435 mm ( standard gauge )
Route class : Günzburg – Breitenbrunn: CE
Breitenbrunn – Mindelheim: C4
Maximum slope : 25 
Minimum radius : 246 m
Top speed: 80 km / h
Route - straight ahead
from Augsburg Hbf
Station, station
0.000 Gunzburg 445.7  m
to Ulm Hbf
Stop, stop
3.340 Wasserburg (Günz) 453.5  m
Awanst AL-KO Kober
Stop, stop
6.690 Kleinkötz 458.6  m
Stop, stop
9.340 Hochwang 465  m
Station, station
11.504 Ichenhausen 469.5  m
Stop, stop
15.859 Ellzee 511.1  m
Stop, stop
21,451 Neuburg (Kammel) 486.1  m
Stop, stop
22.968 Hirschfelden
Stop, stop
24,560 Billenhausen 496.2  m
Station, station
27,871 Krumbach (Schwab) 510.5  m
Stop, stop
29.300 Krumbach (Schwab) School
Stop, stop
31.267 Niederraunau 517.7  m
Stop, stop
33.619 Aletshausen 525.7  m
Stop, stop
35.977 Haupteltshofen 535  m
Stop, stop
38,069 Loppenhausen 539.3  m
Stop, stop
41.242 Breitenbrunn (Schwab) 549  m
Stop, stop
43,360 Weilbach (Unterallg)
from Kirchheim (Schwab)
Station, station
45.270 Pfaffenhausen 561.6  m
Stop, stop
48.260 Hausen (Schwab) 572.9  m
Stop, stop
51.294 Nassenbeuren 588.9  m
53.500 Awanst little one
from Buchloe
Station, station
55.119 Mindelheim 607.2  m
Route - straight ahead
to Memmingen


The Günzburg – Mindelheim railway , also known as the Mittelschwabenbahn , is a branch line in Bavaria . It branches off the Augsburg – Ulm railway line in Günzburg and leads via Ichenhausen , Krumbach (Swabia) and Pfaffenhausen to Mindelheim , where it joins the Buchloe – Memmingen railway line .


The Günzburg – Krumbach section was opened in 1892; The Mindelheim - Pfaffenhausen section followed in 1909 as part of the Mindelheim - Kirchheim (Schwab) railway line , and the gap from Krumbach to Pfaffenhausen was closed in 1910.

The Pfaffenhausen – Kirchheim line was dismantled in 1966.

The railway line between Günzburg and Mindelheim was threatened with closure several times , but this could always be averted. Between 1963 and 1998, an important reason for maintaining the railway line was that on the southern section between Breitenbrunn and Mindelheim, the oil produced near Bedernau could be transported by rail in tank wagons . General freight transport has been discontinued since 1997. There will only be handover trips to the alternative connection point Kleinkötz from ALKO (manufacturer of garden and forestry equipment) and to the alternative connection point of the construction wholesaler Kleiner . Passenger traffic is currently no longer threatened with being shut down because the line has been modernized, travel times have been shortened and the connections to the main railways in Günzburg and Mindelheim have been improved. Some trains are now connected directly to Ulm and Memmingen. The stations were all equipped with digital display boards in 2013 .

Regional train at the Wasserburg (Günz) stop (2014)

From October 2001 a total of six class 642 railcars of the DB Regio Allgäu-Swabia from Augsburg operated on the route . Since December 2002 the trains have been running faster and more densely, sometimes as far as Ulm. The track is equipped with modern SZB technology of the type Alcatel SEL SigL90. Crossing stations are in Ichenhausen , Krumbach and Pfaffenhausen, (previously also Loppenhausen) and junctions are still in Kleinkötz and Mindelheim-Kleiner, Krumbach still has a siding, the rest has been dismantled. What is left today are the remains of loading tracks, connections and siding in Ichenhausen, Ellzee, Neuburg, Aletshausen and Nassenbeuren. The train control is controlled from the Mindelheim signal box. The trains are parked overnight in Krumbach station and in FIBA ​​Ulm.

In order to speed up operations, all intermediate stations except for Ichenhausen, Krumbach, Krumbach Schule and Pfaffenhausen were converted to demand stops in 2002 . In January 2018, the Krumbach School station was also converted into a demand stop at the weekend.

Since the timetable change in December 2016, nine Regio-Shuttle vehicles of the 650 series (319–327) have been in use on the route .

There is a planning draft for the expansion of the existing rail network as part of the Ulm - Neu-Ulm - Günzburg - Mindelheim - Memmingen line to the Danube-Iller regional S-Bahn . The realization is planned for the period 2020 to 2025.


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