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Bank Leumi

legal form Corporation
ISIN IL0006046119
founding February 27, 1902
Seat Tel Aviv IsraelIsraelIsrael 
Number of employees 12,500
Branch Bank

Bank Leumi ( Hebrew בנק לאומי; German  National Bank , pronunciation: Le-umí) is the most traditional Israeli bank . The company is listed in the TA-100 Index on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange .


On February 27, 1902, Theodor Herzl founded the Anglo Palestine Company (APC) together with other members of the Zionist movement in London . As early as 1897 he suggested the establishment of a Jewish colonial bank in Basel and was able to set it up in London in 1899 with the greatest personal and financial efforts under the name Jewish Colonial Trust (JCT) (date of registration: March 22, 1899). The director of the JCT from 1899 to 1923 was the Russian-Jewish physicist and banker from Libau, Nissan Katzenelson. The JCT was to become the main instrument for enforcing Jewish settlement on a larger scale in what was then Palestine. The Anglo-Palestine Bank was founded as a subsidiary in 1902 . She was able to fulfill her historic mission.

On July 26, 1903, the institute opened its first branch in Jaffa , with Zalman David Levontin as director. By 1914, against the resistance of the Ottoman Empire, numerous other branches were founded in Jerusalem , Beirut , Haifa , Hebron , Tiberias and Gaza . The APC enabled the expansion of the first Jewish cities and settlements in Palestine.

After the outbreak of World War I , the bank had to close its branches, but was able to continue doing business in the Spanish Consulate General in Jerusalem . After the war, the bank participated in all major investments in Palestine .

Entrance to the main branch on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem

After the establishment of the State of Israel , the APC was charged with setting up and monitoring a currency system and took on the tasks of a central bank. Since the seat of the bank was still London , an Israeli bank called Bank Leumi Le'Israel was established. In 1951, it took over all of APC's assets and liabilities.

In 1954 the Bank of Israel was founded and took over the function of central bank . Bank Leumi thus became a pure commercial bank.

The Bank's Management Committee appointed Samer Hajj-Jehida as the new CEO on June 30, 2019. This is the first time in Israel's history that an Arab takes over the management of a major bank in the country.

Positioning in the market

Bank Leumi is the second largest bank in Israel after Bank Hapoalim . It has subsidiaries in the USA , Switzerland and Great Britain and offices in 19 countries (2004):

  • Bank Leumi USA
  • Bank Leumi (UK) plc
  • Bank Leumi (Switzerland) Ltd.
  • Bank Leumi (Luxembourg) SA
  • Bank Leumi Romania SA
  • Bank Leumi (Jersey) Ltd.
  • Leumi (Latin America) SA 

Bank Leumi has assets of $ 57.6 billion (2005). For the first half of 2005, it posted net income of $ 241 million.


The controlling majority in Bank Leumi was secured in November 2005 by the US investor Barnea Investments , which consists of the holding companies Cerberus Capital Management and Gabriel Capital . The rest of the shares are in free float .

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