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As a label refers to the application of writing , numbers and characters on a writing substrate by means of handwriting , stamp , typewriter , embossing , printing technique , engraving , laser engraving , or other labeling technology such. B. by stickable lettering or painting with the help of stencils . A wide variety of writing utensils are used to label different materials (writing surface) .

In technical drawing is called dimensioning and labeling , which the registration of dimensions and tolerances and filling in title block , BOM , etc. in a technical drawing is meant what used to be done by hand by ink pen and signature card has been completed and now mainly of printers and Plotting is done.

Modern apparatus , devices and machines but also everyday objects of all kinds are labeled with company logos , warnings and other technical and non-technical information for advertising, information and recognition purposes . Various standards must be observed when labeling products .

Due to the large number of options for labeling a wide variety of materials and objects, a. Developed its own branch for the purpose of advertising , which uses modern lettering techniques and concentrates almost exclusively on the professional lettering of advertising-effective areas.

The labeling of our environment for advertising by means of neon advertising is widespread today and one of the first actions after the birth of a child is often to write on a card with the child's name and date of birth and affix this card to the child's bed or wrist. After our death, in some places we are accompanied by a card labeled with name and date of death on the big toe until we rest. So labels are with us throughout our lives, even before we can read and understand them. Therefore, labeling techniques have as pictograms (icons) and emoticons developed that every person read and understand. A labeling technique has also been developed for blind people, which today can often be found on labels and packaging . The Braille is as point-shaped elevations in the surface of paper or cardboard embossed.

Another type of labeling is the attachment of labeled signs made of metal , wood or plastic , whereby a corresponding labeling technique is also used beforehand for these signs.

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