Diocese of Oslo (Roman Catholic)

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Diocese of Oslo (Roman Catholic)
Basic data
Country Norway
Ecclesiastical province Immediate
Diocesan bishop Bernt Ivar Eidsvig CRSA
Emeritus diocesan bishop Gerhard Schwenzer SS.CC.
Vicar General Lucjan Skolik
surface 154,560 km²
Parishes 25 (2016 / AP 2017 )
Residents 3,976,435 (2016 / AP 2017 )
Catholics 139,407 (2016 / AP 2017 )
proportion of 3.5%
Diocesan priest 68 (2016 / AP 2017 )
Religious priest 28 (2016 / AP 2017 )
Catholics per priest 1,452
Permanent deacons 5 (2016 / AP 2017 )
Friars 31 (2016 / AP 2017 )
Religious sisters 75 (2016 / AP 2017 )
rite Roman rite
Liturgical language Norwegian
cathedral St. Olav Cathedral
address Akersveien 5
0177 Oslo
Website www.katolsk.no
coat of arms
St. Olav Cathedral

The diocese of Oslo ( Latin : Dioecesis Osloensis , Norwegian Oslo katolske bispedømme ) is the jurisdiction of the Catholic Church for southern Norway with its seat in Oslo . It covers the southern 13 Fylker of the country.

From a Catholic point of view, it is the re-establishment or continuation of the old Catholic diocese of Oslo, which existed from the early Middle Ages to the Reformation. From the point of view of the Norwegian state, however, the Reformed (Lutheran) diocese of Oslo is the direct continuation of the former Catholic diocese.


The first Catholic unit in Norway after the Reformation was the St. Olav parish in Oslo, established in 1843. It was under the Apostolic Vicariate of Sweden . On August 7, 1868 Norway became a mission area (with areas of the Swedish Vicariate and the dissolved North Pole Mission ) and on August 17, 1869 with the Breve Ecclesiae universae an Apostolic Prefecture .

On April 11, 1892 this was raised to the Apostolic Vicariate. Between 1913 and 1925 the name of the vicariate was Norway and Svalbard . In 1931 the Vatican decided to split it into three parts. The Apostolic Vicariate of Norway was divided on April 10, 1931 into the southern Apostolic Vicariate Oslo and at the same time into the independent mission areas of Central and Northern Norway . On June 29, 1953, Oslo was with the bull Faustum profecto by Pope Pius XII. raised to the diocese.

On December 14, 2017, the Oslo District Court did not convict the diocese of a fine of two million crowns for gross negligence because it had registered immigrants from predominantly Catholic countries as Catholics without their knowledge. At the same time, the diocese and its former economist were acquitted of the charge of fraud . As of 2017, a civil lawsuit is pending against the diocese for repayment of allegedly excessive amounts of money.


On December 31, 2010 the diocese consisted of 69,973 Catholics (1.9% of the population) in 23 parishes. The diocese also includes the St. Sunniva school in Oslo, the St. Olav bookstore, the Mariaholm conference and training center in Spydeberg and the St. Olav publishing house.


Apostolic Prefect of Norway (1869-1892)

Vicars Apostolic of Norway (1892–1931)

Vicars Apostolic of Oslo (1931–1953)

  • 1931–1932 Henrik Irgens (Apostolic Administrator)
  • 1932-1953 Jacob Mangers SM

Bishops of Oslo (since 1953)

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