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Blind Idiot God is an American instrumental rock trio from St. Louis , Missouri that was founded in the mid-1980s by Andy Hawkins ( electric guitar ), Gabe Katz ( electric bass ) and Ted Epstein ( drums ). The band existed until about 1993. Their music is classified as post-hardcore and, in addition to hardcore, has influences from thrash or speed metal , dub and jazz fusion and is considered to be groundbreaking for math rock . The phrase "blind idiot god" comes from HP Lovecraft 's description of the god Azathoth .


The band developed in the context of the hardcore punk scene in St. Louis. After Gregg Ginn of Black Flag heard their demo tape and got them a record deal with SST Records , they moved to Brooklyn , New York , where they quickly got in touch with Bill Laswell , John Zorn and Henry Rollins . In January and February 1987 they recorded their debut album Blind Idiot God at Martin Bisi's BC Studios in Brooklyn. He also acted as the producer of the album, which was released on SST Records that same year. The band names Jimi Hendrix , MC5 , Blue Cheer , Velvet Underground , Glenn Branca , Sonic Youth , but also John Coltrane , György Ligeti and Igor Stravinsky as their influences , which made them on the one hand forerunners of grunge and on the other hand of math rock. In 1997, Andy Hawkins explained in an interview with Guitar Player magazine why he draws inspiration from classical music: “When I listen to a lot of metal and hard rock, I think 'Great Intensity! Boring chords! ”(When I listen to a lot of metal and rock things, I think: Insane intensity! Boring chords!).

In 1988 they presented their second album Undertow on the Enemy Records label . John Zorn participated here as a guest musician, this time the producer was Bill Laswell. As on their debut ( More Time by The Meters ), they also covered a funk piece here, namely George Clinton's Alice in My Fantasies .

It wasn't until 1992 that they found a new label, John Zorns Avant Records , on which they released their third and final album, Cyclotron . Again, Bill Laswell was the producer.

In 1993 Blind Idiot God was involved in Bill Laswell's practice - "Sacrifist" (Toy's Factory, Japan) with Bill Laswell, John Zorn, Buckethead , Bootsy Collins , Mick Harris , Yamatsuka Eye and Bernie Worrell . They also recorded with Henry Rollins.

2001 saw after nearly a decade of inactivity to the reunification of Blind Idiot God , with Tim Wyskida of Khanate Ted Epstein replaced on drums. They also performed together with Gerald Menke under the name Downriver and produced drone- like songs.

Solo activities

Andy Hawkins has worked with Buckethead and Bernie Worrell, has remixed “At First ... But Then” for Die Haut and released solo albums under the name Azonic (e.g. Halo , Strata 1994, produced by Bill Laswell).

Gabe Katz can be heard on "Dub Terror Exhaust" by Bill Laswell's Automaton , as well as on Axiom Dub Mysteries of Creation Axiom from 1996, and on the CD "Where It Goes" by Lori Carson .

Ted Epstein was a member of John Zorn's Spy vs. Spy (John Zorn - alto saxophone, Tim Berne - alto & baritone saxophone, Mark Dresser - bass, Joey Baron - drums, Ted Epstein - drums), as well as Zorn's side project Slan - "the world's first all-Jewish heavy-metal band" ( Zorn), with Elliott Sharp . Two songs by Slan can be heard on Live at The Knitting Factory Volume 3 (Knitting Factory Works, 1990). Epstein was also involved in the re-recording of "TV Eye" for "Rubaiyat - Elektra's 40th Anniversary", 1990 (together with John Zorn, Yamatsuka Eye, Robert Quine , Bill Laswell) and in the tour band of Elliott Sharp in 1990/91.


  • 1987: Blind Idiot God , SST Records
  • 1988: Undertow , Enemy Records
  • 1989: Sawtooth , EP 12 "Vinyl, Enemy Records
  • 1992: Cyclotron , Avant Records

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