Bloch: The child friend

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Episode in the Bloch series
Original title The child friend
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Country of production Germany
original language German
length 90 minutes
classification Episode 11 ( list )
First broadcast June 13, 2007 on Das Erste
Director Kilian Riedhof
script Marco Wiersch ,
Kilian Riedhof
production Uwe Franke ,
Sabine Tettenborn
music Irmin Schmidt
camera Hubert Schick
cut Diana Kischkel

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Der Kinderfreund is a German TV film by Kilian Riedhof from 2007 . It is the eleventh episode of the Bloch television series .

A teacher who has recognized his hidden pedophile inclination voluntarily goes into therapy with Maximilian Bloch. When this became known, he was exposed to the prejudice of his fellow men.


Bloch happened to notice when he was about to pick Tommy up from school that a teacher was noticeably affectionate with one of his students. Bloch can't help it and after much deliberation speaks to him about it. Michael Liebknecht denies being a pedophile, he would only have donated Marlene Trost, as she is currently receiving too little support from home. Unsettled, he eludes Bloch's further questions. But the very next day he went to his practice and wanted him to treat him. Bloch advises him to give up his job first, as the presence of children will always be a challenge for him. However, since Liebknecht thinks that he is not generally fixated on all children, but only on Marlene, Bloch agrees to treat him. In addition, he expects Liebknecht to take the therapy seriously and also to speak to his wife. When he reveals himself to her, she is very surprised that her husband is said to be attracted to a twelve year old. Nor can he explain to her why he is the way he is. Even as a child he would have had the feeling that he was somehow "weird".

The fact that Liebknecht has to distance herself from Marlene causes her to rebel. She disrupts the class in a rebellious and provocative manner and her teacher finds it difficult not to be able to comfort her. When there is an incident that raises massive suspicion of sexual abuse of Marlene, this has consequences for Liebknecht. He has to answer to the school director and the parents, his wife Heike leaves him and he receives anonymous threatening phone calls.

After Bloch succeeds in finding out the truth from Marlene and communicating it to the concerned parents, Liebknecht's life seems to return to normal. But when the school principal and Marlene's mother receive an anonymous letter stating that the teacher is being treated for his pedophile tendencies, his world collapses again. The situation escalates when Marlene suddenly disappears and the parents of her classmates blame Liebknecht for it. As a precaution, he hid in a hut, which was hit by arson after the angry parents arrived. It is thanks to Bloch's courageous intervention that the teacher survived this attack. Meanwhile, Marlene reappears unharmed and doesn't understand all the excitement.


The Kinderfreund is a co-production of Südwestfunk and Westdeutscher Rundfunk and was shot together with Maran Film from October 30, 2006 to December 1, 2006 in and around Cologne . The film was created based on a concept by Peter Märthesheimer and Pea Fröhlich and was broadcast for the first time in prime time on June 13, 2007 as part of the ARD series “FilmWittwoch im Erste ” .


Audience rating

The film was seen by 3.83 million viewers when it was first broadcast on June 13, 2007, corresponding to a market share of 14.3 percent.


Rainer Tittelbach from notes with approval: “This 'Bloch' dares to tackle one of the last taboo topics. So far, pedophilia has at best made headlines in the media. The psychologist and author Marco Wiersch approached the topic through a form of preventive therapy that was actually practiced. Fabian Hinrichs plays this unfortunate man as a conflict on two legs, the proverbial bad conscience. For him, this figure marks 'a borderline case between normality and illness'. An outstanding film because it enables a discussion! "

At Spiegel Online , Christian Buß finds : “The quiet and unexcited episode […] is a taboo break. Look instead of locking yourself away: 'The child friend', the title of the episode, is the detailed, thoroughly emotional approach to a pedophile. It's about his despair, his loneliness, his longing. Sometimes you even feel a little sorry for the man. A risky act. But director Killian Riedhof and author Marco Wiersch work precisely; the fine line between understanding and playing down is never crossed. "

Tilmann P. Gangloff from says about this film: “Although the story has what it takes to be a thriller, Kilian Riedhof, who wrote the screenplay together with Marco Wiersch, stages the film with high intensity, but also with therapeutic calm distance. [...] Precisely because Riedhof refrains from any showmanship, he succeeds in walking the tightrope: never even a hint of speculativity comes up. All those involved clearly attached importance not to misusing the sensitive topic as a cheap excuse to attract attention. The unusually concentrated implementation should not least be due to the main actor. "

The TV feature film , awarded the film the best possible rating (thumbs up) and wrote: "Sophisticated and carefully is director and co-author Kilian Riedhof [...] the delicate topic." Conclusion: ". Thrilling lesson to a diffizilen topic"

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