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Cardinal Ceretti (in the foreground, 2nd from right) in 1928 as papal legate in Australia , here with the Premier of Queensland, W. McCormack (2nd from left), at Toowong Cemetery in Queensland
Cardinal coat of arms

Bonaventure Cardinal Cerretti (born June 17, 1872 in Comune de Bardono , Province of Terni , Italy , † May 8, 1933 in Rome ) was a Vatican diplomat and later Curial Cardinal of the Roman Church .


Bonaventura Cerretti received the sacrament of ordination on March 31, 1895 after philosophical and theological studies in Spoleto and Rome . From 1895 to 1899 he worked as a parish chaplain in the diocese of Rome . In 1899 he joined the diplomatic service of the Vatican and was initially employed in the Vatican State Secretariat . From 1904 to 1906 his first assignment abroad took him to Mexico , where he worked as secretary of the Apostolic Delegation. In the years 1906 to 1914 he performed various tasks with the Apostolic Delegation in the USA .

In 1914 Bonaventura Cerretti received the episcopal ordination from Cardinal Rafael Merry del Val y Zulueta and was appointed titular archbishop of Philippopolis in Thracia and apostolic envoy for Australia and New Zealand . In 1917 he became secretary of the Curia for extraordinary ecclesiastical affairs. In 1919 he took part in the peace conference in Paris as the papal special envoy , and in 1921 he became apostolic nuncio in France .

Pope Pius XI accepted him in the consistory of December 14, 1925 as a cardinal priest with the titular church of Santa Cecilia in the college of cardinals . Bonaventura Cerretti represented the Pope as papal legate at the 29th International Eucharistic Congress in Sydney . In 1930 he was appointed archpriest of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore . In 1931 the Pope appointed him Cardinal Prefect of the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signature and on March 13, 1933 Cardinal Bishop of Velletri .

Bonaventura Cerretti died in Rome on May 8, 1933 and was buried in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere .


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