Pretzels for the pot

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Original title Pretzels for the pot
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2014
length 86 minutes
Director Matthias Steurer
script Peer Klehmet
Franz Müller
production Dominik Frankowski
music Michael Klaukien
Andreas Lonardoni
camera Michael Boxrucker
cut Dagmar Pohle

Pretzels for the Pott is a television film by Matthias Steurer with Hans-Jochen Wagner in the lead role of the thrifty manager Roland Reuter. Ulrike C. Tscharre , Katharina Abt and Marian Meder can be seen in leading roles . The film first aired on October 24, 2014 on the prime-time television program Das Erste .


Roland Reuter, employee of the large bakery "Weckle", is sent from Stuttgart to Duisburg to bring the company branch there back into the black. If he can do this, he will be promoted to the board. Despite these prospects, his wife Sybille is not enthusiastic about moving, especially since Roland only informs her of the transfer at the last moment. So he drives alone and without a family to the foreign city, in which people also speak very differently than at home. On the very first evening he made the acquaintance of the notorious cheerful nature of the Rhinelander, which the pedantic Swabian didn't like at all.

Reuter begins his first day of work at the company with a tour of the company and immediately identifies a large number of opportunities for change and savings. In a fiery address to the workforce, he tries to mobilize the potential and willingness of the people. As a sign of his willingness to back up, he moves from his expensive luxury hotel to a small workers' apartment. Furthermore, Reuter first deals with the analysis of the balance sheets. The assistant to the management, Dietmar Grabowski, helps him with this. During a control trip to the bakery branches at the respective discounter, he encounters a smoking officer from the health authority. The dutiful Reuter now has nothing more urgent to do than inform the authorities of this misconduct, with the result that the health department now intends to inspect the branches twice as often. In the course of this, a branch has to be closed.

As authoritarian as Reuter is in the company, he does not appear confident with his family, whom he only sees on weekends. He tries to please his daughter, and he avoids any arguments with his wife. To compensate, he lets the employees in Duisburg suffer twice from his correctness. So he remains an outsider. That changes when he is unexpectedly declared a member of the local pigeon breeding association "Kehre Wieder".

The longer Reuter is away from home, the more jealousy begins to grow between the couple. Since Roland bought a carrier pigeon called "Veronica" on the Internet for 850 euros, his wife classifies this issue completely wrong. In return, Roland fears that his wife is not loyal to him. Both question their love. His work in the company is now bearing its first fruits and the balance sheets are already looking very hopeful. Nevertheless, Reuters headquarters in Stuttgart do not approve of ways and means of gaining the trust of the workforce. As a member of the Board of Management, one does not consider him sustainable and he has to stay in Duisburg. But after he has spoken to his wife and both are sure of their affection for one another, he gladly takes it upon himself.

Production notes

It is a production by Zeitsprung Pictures, which was created in cooperation with ARD and Adag Film Services. The screenplay for the film was written by Peer Klehmet and Franz Müller  .


Audience ratings

Pretzels for the Pott were watched by 3.71 million viewers when they were first broadcast, which corresponds to a market share of 12.1 percent.


Rainer Tittelbach from gives the following verdict on this film: “[...] Thanks to the multi-faceted game by Hans-Jochen Wagner, the main character is anything but an unreserved popular figure. The game with mutual prejudices and a bit of irony on the side promise great fun. " writes: “In general , comedy doesn't ignore any district cliché. On the pretzel baker's drive to Duisburg, the film offers all the optical icons of conventional Ruhr area perception: steaming chimneys, cars in traffic jams, gray skies. At the same time, the film makes you believe that time has stood still in the Revier: the bakery looks like an open-air museum for industrial culture. And in front of the new apartment of the Swabian who has just arrived is a moped from the 70s. Any questions?"

Ulrich Feld from FNP said: “Together with its multi-layered game, a well-chosen ensemble of supporting actors and the clever camera, this gives the film a high level of authenticity for almost its entire duration. Despite its dramaturgical weaknesses at the end, the film is still worth seeing. "

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