Chromosome 3 (human)

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Human chromosome 3 idiogram

Chromosome 3 is one of 23 chromosomes pairs of people . A normal person has two largely identical copies of this chromosome in most of his cells .

Decoding the chromosome 3

Chromosome 3 consists of 199 million base pairs . A base pair is the smallest unit of information in DNA . Chromosome 3 contains approximately 6.5% of the total DNA of a human cell . Identifying the genes on this chromosome is part of an ongoing process of deciphering the human genome . There are between 1100 and 1500 genes on chromosome 3. When sequencing in May 2006 1463 protein-coding genes were found. Of these, 505 are associated with a wide variety of diseases. Also the most sensitive part of the human genome, the FHIT gene ( Fragile histidine triad), is located on chromosome 3. This gene is involved in around 50% of all esophageal , stomach and colon cancer diseases.

Known genes on chromosome 3

Chromosome 3 contains the following genes, among others:

Medical importance

The 46 human chromosomes

The following genetically determined or predisposed diseases or symptoms are associated with the genes located on chromosome 3 . These are among others:

Trisomy 3

see main article Trisomy 3

The trisome presence of genetic material from chromosome 3 is called trisomy 3 . A number of different symptoms can arise.

Androgenetic hair loss

The main cause of androgenetic hair loss (hereditary hair loss) is the so-called androgen receptor gene (AR), on the X chromosome . It is now known, however, that other genes have an influence on this normal type of hair loss in men. A working group at the University of Bonn found an area in area q26 on chromosome 3 that is directly related to androgenetic hair loss.

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