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Claire Goll (born Clara or Klara Aischmann, born October 29, 1890 in Nuremberg ; † May 30, 1977 in Paris ) was a Franco-German writer and journalist and the wife of the poet Yvan Goll .

life and work

Clara Aischmann was the daughter of a Jewish hop trader whose family moved from Nuremberg to Munich in 1892. In 1911 she married the later publisher Heinrich Studer and lived with him in Leipzig. In May 1912 their daughter Dorothea Elisabeth (called Doralies) Studer was born. In Leipzig she also began studying philosophy. In 1916 she emigrated to Switzerland as a pacifist , where she studied at the University of Geneva , became involved in the peace movement and began to work as a journalist. In 1917 she met the poet Yvan Goll, who was also of Jewish origin. At the end of 1918 she had an affair with Rainer Maria Rilke . She remained on friendly terms with him until his death.

In 1918, her first volume of poetry, Mitwelt, and the volume of short stories The Women Awaken, appeared . She went to Paris with Yvan Goll in 1919, where they married in 1921. The shared apartment served as a meeting point for artistic life; there perverse among others Chagall , Léger , Delaunay , Picasso , Jawlensky , Braque , Joyce , Audiberti , Malraux , Breton and Gide . In 1926 she published her first novel The Negro Jupiter robs Europe . Her stories, poems and novels were also published in French; conversely, she translated some of her husband's works into German. She wrote her volumes of poetry Poèmes d'amour (1925), Poèmes de la jalousie (1926) and Poèmes de la vie et de la mort together with her husband as an alternating song of love .

Claire and Yvan Goll lived apart at times in the 1930s. In 1939, at the beginning of the Second World War , both fled the Nazis into exile in New York. They did not return to Paris until 1947, where Yvan Goll died in 1950.

After Yvan Goll's death, Claire Goll devoted herself more and more to her husband's work - it has been proven that she manipulated texts and forged data (visible on the estate in the German Literature Archive in Marbach). Her autobiographical novels The Stolen Heaven (1962) and Dream Dancer (1971) received little attention. However, her quarrel with Paul Celan , known as the "Goll Affair" , caused a stir . Claire Goll accused Celan of plagiarizing Yvan Goll, which turned out to be untrue. Claire Goll's memoir I Forgive No One also caused quite a stir . A literary Chronique scandaleuse of our time ( La Poursuite du Vent , 1976), which also appeared in the GDR in 1980 with an afterword by Klaus Schuhmann .

Claire Goll died in 1977 and was buried next to her husband in the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris . The common gravestone bears a drawing by Marc Chagall . Since her death, literary scholars and contemporary historians have devoted themselves increasingly to her work.


Part of Goll's estate is in the German Literature Archive in Marbach . Parts of it can be seen in the permanent exhibition of the Modern Literature Museum in Marbach.

Works (selection)

German-language titles

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French-language titles

  • Journal d'un Cheval. Les Mémoires d'un Moineau. Editions du Rhin, Basel / Strasbourg 1925.
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As a translator into German

  • The new world. An anthology of recent American poetry. Edited and translated by Claire Goll. S. Fischer, Berlin 1921 ( digitized in the Internet Archive ).
  • René Maran : Batuala. A real Negro novel. (= The soul of Africa. Volume 1). Rhein-Verlag, Basel / Zurich / Leipzig / Paris / Strasbourg 1922.
  • Red moon - white game. Songs of the Indians. Translated and with an afterword by Claire Goll. With eight graphics based on Indian templates by Fritz Faiss . Wolfgang Rothe, Heidelberg 1955.


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