Coihue southern beech

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Coihue southern beech
Coihue southern beech (Nothofagus dombeyi)

Coihue southern beech ( Nothofagus dombeyi )

Eurosiden I
Order : Beech-like (Fagales)
Family : Beech family (Nothofagaceae)
Genre : False beeches ( Nothofagus )
Type : Coihue southern beech
Scientific name
Nothofagus dombeyi
( Mirb. ) Oerst.

The nothofagus dombeyi, Coihue or Chilean bill beech ( Nothofagus dombeyi ) is a plant from the genus of southern beech ( Nothofagus ) in the family of the bill Fagaceae (Nothofagaceae). However, since the German names were assigned several times within the genus, it is advisable to use the botanical name. In Chile, the common names Coihue, Coigüe or Coygüe are used.


Branch with leaves

Appearance, bark and leaf

Nothofagus dombeyi grows as an evergreen tree that reaches heights of up to 40, rarely up to 45 meters and trunk diameters of 2.5 to over 3 meters. The cracked bark is gray. The young twigs are relatively thin and have red-brown bark .

The alternate and two-line to spirally arranged leaves on the branch have a 3–9 mm long petiole. The simple, somewhat leathery, up to the middle nerve bare leaf blade is with a length of 2–3 cm and a width of 1–1.5 cm elliptical or ovate-lanceolate to lanceolate-rhombic and glandular dotted with a wedge-shaped blade base. The leaf margin is unequal double serrated. Stipules are present.

Inflorescence and flower

Nothofagus dombeyi is single sexed ( monoecious ). A few small, unisexual flowers stand together in axillary inflorescences . Up to three male flowers stand together in the inflorescences and are surrounded by bracts. The 2.2-3 mm long male flowers have four to five scale-like, overgrown bracts and eight to fifteen fertile stamens with reddish anthers. In the female inflorescences there are up to three female flowers, which are surrounded by four bracts. Pollination takes place via the wind ( anemophilia ).


Three with a length of 2-3 mm small, yellowish to light chestnut colored nuts stand together and are surrounded by a fruit cup (cupula).

Coihues Forest


The Coihue southern beech lives symbiotically with the ecto mycorrhizal fungus Stephanopus stropharioides .

Spread and endangerment

The homeland of the Coihue southern beech is in Chile in regions VI to XI in the provinces of Aisén, Biobío, La Araucania, Los Lagos, Maule and O'Higgins, and in Argentina in the provinces of Chubut, Neuquén and Río Negro. It thrives in the sub-Antarctic forest mostly at altitudes between 700 and 1200 meters and in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego it already occurs at sea level.

In the IUCN Red List , Nothofagus dombeyi is classified as Least Concern (“not endangered”).


The first description was made of this kind in 1827 under the name Fagus dombeyi by Charles François Brisseau de Mirbel in Memoires du Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, 14, p 467. In 1851, Karl Ludwig von Blume in Museum Botanicum, 1, S. 307, the genus Nothofagus on and sometimes this publication is also used for a homonym Nothofagus dombeyi (Mirb.) flower , but there this species is not mentioned. The first valid publication of the name Nothofagus dombeyi is only considered to be the publication in 1871 by Anders Sandøe Ørsted in Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskabs Skrifter - Naturvidenskabelig og Mathematisk Afdeling Ser. V, IX, p. 354. Nothofagus dombeyi belongs to the subgenus Nothofagus from the genus Nothofagus .


The wood of the Coihue southern beech does not rot and is therefore preferably used for lining roads and paths in damp terrain, for railway sleepers or as construction timber.

After Europe reached Nothofagus dombeyi until 1916. In Central Europe it is not winter hardy . The Coihue southern beech is used as an ornamental plant in mild climates , on the British Isles it can reach heights of growth of up to 26 meters.


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