The moon is just a naked sphere

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Original title The moon is just a naked sphere
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1981
length 113 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Jörg Graser
script Jörg Graser
production Peter Märthesheimer
music Peer ravens
camera Kurt Weber
cut Dorothee Maass

and Ingrid Caven , Franz Gary , Hans Stadtmüller , Franziska Stömmer

The moon is just a naked ball is a 1980 German feature film by Jörg Graser with Elisabeth Stepanek and Sigfrit Steiner in the leading roles.


In the yard of the old, gnarled Moser farmer, his foster daughter Anni lives, a scuttled, shy girl who is working here, somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the deepest Bavarian wasteland. The weathered old man is deeply impure with his environment and modernity; his hatred of the world's innovations have allowed him to drift into religious delusions. But Anni doesn't want to accept that this should mean her whole life, her whole future. During the day she works in a sausage factory and in the evening, after she returns home, sets up the household, sets bicycle bells together while working from home and otherwise sits in front of the television set. Only when she looks at the sky and the moon, the eponymous “naked ball”, does she realize that a different, better life is waiting for her somewhere out there, yes, must wait!

While the impoverished Moserbauer isolates her more and more and draws her into his delusions, Anni achieves the dreamed and hoped-for little bit of happiness in the form of a fat, young man. The guy's name is Vitus and he works as an ex-contractor for a home-based company. It promises Anni the longed-for freedom, a new world beyond the narrow confines of the almost bankrupt farm. She goes out with Vitus, dances in the village disco, and they both fall in love and marry against the will of the gnarled old man, who is now completely isolated from the outside world. In the end, the Moser farmer finally falls mad when he realizes that he has lost Anni and is admitted to a closed institution.

Production notes

The moon is just a naked ball , a film-television coproduction, was made in Bavaria in 1980 and premiered on April 2, 1981.

Lutz Hengst took over the production management.

Directing debutant and screenwriter Jörg Graser wrote the manuscript for another dialect film, Trokadero , almost at the same time .


The time did not enjoy the film: “Ten years after the discovery of a genre, the 'new' folk theater, the 'new' Heimatfilm, Jörg Graser shows a not clumsy, but lifelessly deliberate exercise in style: with pointedly prepared dialogues, long, drawn-out Shots, with an acting, the intensity of which seems strangely imitated, simulated. "

Der Spiegel from April 13, 1981 saw in the film “A little parable of the vulnerable beauty of illusions and the simple shitty reality of reality. What is moving about it is the shy intimacy, the wide-eyed concern with which Elisabeth Stepanek plays this Anni, and the woodcut-like monumentality of Sigfrit Steiner as a Moserbauer. "

The Lexicon of International Films stated: "In the tradition of poetic realism, sensitively staged first film with affection and understanding for the people affected by the conflict."

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