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Original title Trocadero
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1981
length 84 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Klaus Emmerich
script Jörg Graser
production Peter Zenk
music Ludwig Hirsch , JM Bertl
camera Peter Gauhe
cut Ingrid Broszat

Trokadero is a German-Austrian tragic comedy from 1980 by Klaus Emmerich with Ludwig Hirsch and Franz-Xaver Kroetz as two artists of life and survival in the leading roles.


Theo Bichler is a dream dancer and bon vivant from Munich, who, however, has never created anything of his own. Now he is opening a beer bar in the Lower Bavarian province with an old friend, Eva, whom he usually calls "Hasi", but which is notoriously avoided by the long-time residents. Wendelin, who also lives from hand to mouth and struggles as a textile agent, is no less unsettled existence, including small frauds. Both men, classic pre-alpine losers, get to know each other in the pint.

Greyhound Wendelin thinks he has a great idea when he proposes to turn the boring pub into a pleasure-promising striptease shop. He has already found a more suitable name that promises international flair: the “Trokadero”. As expected, however, things in the country don't go as one might imagine in cosmopolitan Munich: Well-built girls who are willing to undress, essential for a solid striptease, are just as difficult to find. And a presentable entertainment program is not that easy to set up either. After the weak start, the rural population vent their anger born of disappointment, and the angry village youth first dismantle the “Trokadero” in a tangible Bavarian style.

But the dream dancers Theo and Wendelin are not discouraged by this first setback. They believe that only the "Think Big" method can lead to success: A whole chain of leisure oases with an erotic entertainment program, full-body massages and "models" is needed. That is why the two men go on a big shopping trip to Munich to find what they are looking for in the local “milieu”. As expected, the local red light district with its well-organized pimp environment quickly shows them the red card. Disillusioned, Theo and Wendelin return to the “Trokadero” and are already spinning on new dreams.

Production notes

Trokadero , a film-television coproduction, was made between March 19 and May 15, 1980 in Munich and the surrounding area, Grafing and the Falkenberg castle restaurant in Moosach. The world premiere took place on April 24, 1981 in Stuttgart.

Milan Bor took care of the sound, Lilo Nöbauer created the costumes, Jochen Schuhmacher was responsible for the equipment.

Screenwriter Jörg Graser had already landed a respectable success with another dialect film, The moon is just a naked sphere , immediately before .


Hans-Christoph Blumenberg wrote in Die Zeit that it was “fun to watch the two main actors Ludwig Hirsch… and Franz Xaver Kroetz.” So you could “imagine a sequel ('Theo and Wendelin on the Nil')."

In the newspaper Spiegel of April 13, 1981, the film "starts out rustic, but soon stumbles deep and deep into jokes, and in the end only lives from the overwhelming Strizzi charm of the Viennese songwriter Ludwig Hirsch."

The lexicon of international films saw the film as “A modern fairy tale with sometimes clever gags that extend into the tragicomic and grotesque. The amusing ideas, however, cannot be stretched to the length of the program, so that the fate of the sad heroes as a whole is hardly captivating. "

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