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Rosl Mayr (born December 30, 1896 in Regensburg as Rosa Anna Mayr ; † June 26, 1981 in Munich ) was a German Bavarian folk actress .


Born in 1914-1917, Rosa “Rosl” Mayr received her vocal training as a soprano at the Munich Academy of Music. In 1917 she began her first engagement at Munich's Volkstheater , of which she was a permanent member from 1919 to 1932. In November 1932 Rosl Mayr moved to the Bayerische Landesbühne. Mostly she was used as an operetta singer, later also as an actress / comedian in folk plays. In 1945 she came to the Münchner Volkstheater, at times she mainly worked as a prompter at the Münchner Kammerspiele .

Mayr was a talented character actress and has appeared in several movies since the 1950s, including alongside Heinz Rühmann in Der Pauker (1958). She also worked in well-known television series such as Funkstreife Isar 12 with Wilmut Borell and Karl Tischlinger , Der Alte , Der Kommissar , Münchner Histories and as the wife of the gravedigger in the Royal Bavarian District Court . She was also seen in numerous episodes of the popular s'Fensterl zum Hof ​​series with Elfie Pertramer .

In the 1970s, she shifted almost exclusively to supporting roles as a grumpy, quirky old woman in sex strips, including six episodes of the schoolgirl report alone . She achieved great fame with the role of the annoying Ms. Gmeinwieser in the entertainment series Police Inspection 1 . She played a supporting role in four porn films .

Rosl Mayr, valued as a parodist in artistic circles in Schwabing , has recently appeared increasingly at the Münchner Kammerspiele, for example as the grotesque fairy in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream . She died while filming the first season of Meister Eder and his Pumuckl . The synchronization of her character was then completed by Anton Feichtner , who was able to imitate her croaking voice well. In the years 2005 and 2006 was in the radio play Small fish a figure on the characteristic style designed by Rosl Mayr.

Rosl Mayr was buried in Munich's Ostfriedhof .


Television - episode roles (selection)


* 1917: Münchner Volkstheater

  • 1919–1932: Münchner Volkstheater
  • 1945: Munich Volkstheater
  • 1950: Münchner Kammerspiele ( The strong tribe with Therese Giehse , Ruth Drexel and others)
  • 1950: Münchner Volkstheater (again or still in the 60s / 70s)
  • 1967: Freie Volksbühne Berlin ( Stories from the Vienna Woods , May 7th and 8th, guest performance, Münchner Kammerspiele)
  • 1980: Münchner Kammerspiele ( A Midsummer Night's Dream )

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