Decimeter wave

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UHF antenna with corner reflector

As decimeter waves , also dm wave range , UHF frequency range , UHF frequency band or UHF band ( English Ultra High Frequency - UHF ) , electromagnetic waves with a wavelength of one to ten decimeters (10 cm to 1 meter) are called, which is a Frequency band from approx. 3000  MHz (3 GHz) to 300 MHz. The decimeter wave range is thus between the (longer) ultra-short waves and the centimeter waves .

According to the "Frequency Range Allocation Plan " of the International Telecommunication Union ( VO Funk ) and the "Frequency Usage Plan Ordinance of the Federal Republic of Germany", there are extensive public, industrial, commercial, private and non-profit usage requirements for this frequency band . In addition, the frequency range is used by the military and BOS services.

In order to be able to cover the need for individual frequency assignments, this frequency band is divided into more than 80 frequency ranges, the use of which is explicitly assigned to radio services . These include - without claiming to be exhaustive - for example:

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