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Dimitri Alexandrovich Wentzel ( Russian Димитрий Александрович Вентцель ., Scientific transliteration Dimitrij Aleksandrovič Ventcel ' ; * October 16 . Jul / 28. October  1898 greg. In Moscow ; † 20th July 1955 ) was a Russian physicist and university teacher .


Wentzel came from a noble family . His father was a traffic engineer , so the family moved frequently. During the First World War , Wentzel finished high school in Petrograd in 1916 and began studying at the physics and mathematics faculty of the University of Petrograd . In 1917 he was drafted into the army, completed his training at the Constantine Artillery College and went to the front . After the October Revolution he returned to Petrograd in 1918 and was initially a student at the Institute of Transportation. In 1919 he switched to the Artillery Academy of the Red Army , where he graduated in 1922.

After graduating, Wentzel worked in the commission for special artillery tests. In 1926 he became an employee of the Laboratory for Gas Dynamics , which was headed by Nikolai Ivanovich Tichomirow and in which the rocket development took place. In the same year he defended his dissertation on the calculation of trajectories for obtaining the teaching license . From 1930 he taught in Leningrad at the Artillery Academy of the Red Army.

In 1934 Wentzel received his doctorate in technical sciences , was appointed professor and headed the chair of aeronautical ballistics at the Moscow Military Academy for Air Force Engineers “Prof. NJ Schukowski ” . In 1935 he was promoted to brigade engineer and in 1943 to major general. In 1946 he helped found the Moscow Academy of Artillery Sciences (dissolved in 1953, re-established in 1994 as the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences), of which he was then a real member. The focus of his scientific work was on external and internal ballistics , for which he wrote two textbooks. Yevgeny Ivanovich Sababachin was one of his students.

Wentzel was married to the mathematician Jelena Sergejewna nee Dolginzewa .

Wentzel died of a heart attack . He was buried in Moscow's Donskoy Cemetery.

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