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The Dreyeckland is a region in the border triangle Germany - France - Switzerland in Basel boundaries border the Alsace , the north-west Switzerland and South Baden includes: connecting them in addition to the especially with the Alemannic dialect common cultural and neighboring economies (eg. Viticulture ) also a similar environment, nature and landscape. The three distinctive mountain peaks called “ Belchen ”, which form an astronomical system, the “ Belchen triangle ”, should be mentioned here: Alsatian , Black Forest and Swiss Belchen ( Belchenflue ). With the " small " (Kahler Wasen, Petit Ballon) and "large" Belchen ( Grand Ballon, highest mountain in the Vosges ), the five mountain peaks now form the " Belchen system ". The mountains with similar names, which are also distinctive across borders, also include two “ blues ”: the “Hochblauen” near Badenweiler , the local mountain of the Markgräflerland and the blues of the Swiss Jura .

The sense of togetherness of the populations in these three parts of the country developed against the background of the other similarities since the beginning of the 1970s through a common environmental and anti-nuclear power movement, especially in the fight and resistance against the left and right of the river on the high - and the Upper Rhine planned but only partially built nuclear power plants Beznau (CH), Fessenheim (F, Alsace ), Kaiseraugst (CH), Schwörstadt (D, "KKW Hochrhein") and Wyhl (D, "KKW Süd", Kaiserstuhl ).

The free Radio Dreyeckland emerged from this anti-nuclear power movement initially as a pirate station Radio Verte Fessenheim and has now been in operation as the oldest non-commercial private radio in Germany since 1977.

For many years, in a Europe of Regions in the various parts of the country, work has been carried out on regional political convergence in order to create an economic, structural and environmental policy that is as coordinated as possible . B. in the Upper Rhine Conference , at the Regio Basiliensis and the RegioTriRhena , in the trinational Eurodistrict Basel and at the trinational metropolitan region of Upper Rhine .

Concrete outflows are z. B.

as well as many other (art) actions, initiatives and institutions.

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A corresponding region in the neighboring north is represented by the municipal Franco - German association Regio Pamina .

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