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Fiede Kay (born September 26, 1941 in Breklum , North Friesland , † September 2, 2005 ) was a German singer and songwriter . Many of his songs have Low German and North Frisian texts.


Kay first learned the mason trade and then attended a technical school. Later he leased a restaurant on Bredstedter Marktplatz, today Fiedes Krog . With his former schoolmate Knut Kiesewetter as a producer , he recorded several records with typical local music, some in Low German and North Frisian . The most successful was the record Leeder, Lüüd and Freesenland , on which several musicians from the region contributed and for which a television film of the same name with impressions from North Friesland was made.

Kay's participation in various television shows such as the Grand Prix of Folk Music, as well as his early records with texts by the poets Carl Michael Bellman and Hermann Löns set to music, helped him to achieve the title of “North German folk singer”. Fiede Kay often accompanied himself on the guitar or accordion during his performances , and he was occasionally accompanied by a band.

He also performed the songs in his restaurant; Sometimes concerts by other artists were held there.


In 2011, the square in front of Kay's former restaurant in Bredstedt was named “Fiede-Kay-Platz”.


Solo albums

  • 1975: Sing Man to
  • 1976: Ik sing een Leed
  • 1977: The wind drives me on
  • 1978: Leeder achter'n Diek
  • 1979: The year has four faces
  • 1980: En Festdag op't Dorp
  • 1981: Brothers, a smell spreads across the country. Fiede Kay sings Carl Michael Bellman (translation from Swedish: Hein Hoop )
  • 1982: Mien egen Leed
  • 1985: Christmas - how it sounded earlier
  • 1986: Fiede Kay sings Hermann Löns
  • 1992: The folk singer from the north
  • 1992: Rough shell, soft core

Albums with the participation of other artists

  • 1977: Leeder, Lüüd un Fresenland (with Knut Kiesewetter , Sigrun Kiesewetter , the Moin group , Regine Kiesewetter and Hein Hoop )
  • 1977: Christmas is nich wiet (with Knut and Sigrun Kiesewetter)
  • 1982: Plattdütsche Leeder (with Ursel Wolf ) (Polydor)
  • 1983: North German Christmas (with Knut and Sigrun Kiesewetter and the Finkwarder Speeldeel )
  • 1985: Min flattens Land 2 (with Annegret Behrend )
  • 1986: Us Plattdüütsch Wiehnacht (with Godewind and the Finkwarder Speeldeel)
  • When Christmas breaks (with Knut Kiesewetter)

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