Peace of Nystad

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Territorial changes in Northern, Eastern and Central Europe due to the peace treaties of Nystad (1721), Stockholm (1719/1720) and Fredericksborg (1720): Russian profits (Baltic provinces, Ingermanland, Karelia) Hanoverian profits (Duchy of Bremen-Verden) profits Denmark's (ducal share of Schleswig) Prussian gains (parts of Western Pomerania)

The peace of Nystad ended on August 30th July / 10th September  1721 greg. the Great Northern War between Sweden and Russia .

The Swedish Empire before the Peace of Nystad. In the peacetime the German possessions were lost except for Wismar and Northwest Western Pomerania , the Baltic possessions of Courland, Livonia and Estonia as well as Ingermanland and East Karelia.
The obverse of an Fe medal from 1721. Peter the Great in the Peace of Nystad. Medalist Anton Schultz , Copenhagen.
The reverse of the medal mentioned above.

The Russian side was represented by Privy Councilor Heinrich Johann Friedrich Ostermann and Count Jacob Daniel Bruce , the Swedish side by Count Johann von Lilienstedt and Baron Otto Reinhold Strömfelt . The place of negotiations was the small town of Nystad ( Finnish Uusikaupunki ) in western Finland.

Contract terms

The contract consisted of a preamble and 24 articles. Afterwards Sweden had to cede the provinces of Livonia , Estonia and Ingermanland as well as part of Karelia to Russia. Russia thus gained broad access to the Baltic Sea.

In return, Russia evacuated the occupied territories of Swedish Finland and undertook to pay reparations amounting to two million Reichstalers . In addition, Sweden was given the “forever” right to buy duty-free grain worth 50,000 rubles in Riga , Reval and Arensburg every year. The only exceptions were years of poor harvests.


While Russia rose to become a major European power by gaining territories in the Baltic States , Sweden lost the position it had maintained as a major northern European power since the end of the Thirty Years' War .


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