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Friedrich Johannes Muckermann (born August 17, 1883 in Bückeburg ; † April 2, 1946 in Montreux ) was a Jesuit and publicist . He was one of the most determined Catholic fighters against National Socialism .

Friedrich Muckermann SJ signature 1928


In the fight against the Nazis , Friedrich Muckermann was active through many speeches and articles. He was editor of the magazines Der Grail and Der Deutsche Weg , spoke on the Paris radio on Sundays , most recently before the fall of Paris in June 1940.

In 1899 he entered the Jesuit order in Bleyenbeck ( Netherlands ) , four years later he began studying philosophy, which was followed in 1912 by studying theology. Two years later he was ordained a priest. In 1919 he returned as a chaplain from Russian captivity (in prisons in Minsk and Smolensk ) (prisoner exchange against Karl Radek ). His activities as the editor of the Grail / Graal , as the founder and head of press correspondence, as a writer, journalist, speaker on large and small occasions and on the radio as a preacher and pastor began in 1921. During his time in Bonn (1921 to 1923) he became honorary philistine of the Academic Scientific Association Renaissance . After becoming an enemy of the state for the National Socialists, he went to Oldenzaal in the Netherlands in 1934 . There, despite open Gestapo surveillance, the printer's owner and publisher of the Twentsche Courant , Brüggemann, helped him smuggle the church papers illegal in Germany. He continued his fight against the Nazi regime from abroad. In 1938 he moved to Paris, where he had to flee from the Gestapo to Switzerland in 1943 , where he worked as a journalist. He wrote many articles in newspapers and magazines and published three more books after 1945.

After the end of the war, Muckermann's writings The Bolshevism Threat (Kath. Tat-Verl., Cologne 1931), The Lot of the Worker in Soviet Russia (Kath. Tat-Verl., Cologne 1932) and It speaks the Spanish soul were published in the Soviet occupation zone ... New documents (Alsatia, Colmar 1937) added to the list of literature to be discarded. In the German Democratic Republic this list was followed by Do you want that too? How I experienced Bolshevism in Russia (Verb. Of the Catholic youth associations of Germany, Düsseldorf 1920), Vom Rätsel der Zeit. ( Kösel & Pustet , Munich 1933) and Holy Spring (Regensbergsche Verlagsbuchhandlung, Münster 1935).


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