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G-Funk (also Gangsta Funk or Ghetto Funk ) is a style of hip-hop music that emerged from gangsta rap on the west coast of the United States in the early 1990s . Among others, Dr. Dre , whose 1992 album The Chronic set the scene. On the 1993 released debut album Doggystyle by Snoop Dogg , that of Dr. Dre was produced, Dre made use of different genres such as soul , p-funk and funk . Namely thereof would Parliament , Funkadelic , George Clinton , James Brown , Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes to name. For the song Serial Killa elements from the song were about Funky Worm the Ohio Players removed and For All My Niggaz and Bitches was Kool Is Back by radio, Inc. Pate. Dre took the songs for this and changed or replaced individual elements until the result had little to do with the original song.

The genre became more popular in 1994 through Warren G and his single Regulate . The accompanying album Regulate ... G Funk Era and the single reached number two on the Billboard charts . Characteristic of the G-Funk that Dr. Dre called a " slow, stoned P-funk-inspired genre ", is the influence of soul- inspired grooves , high pitched keyboards, a deep bassline, consciously "cheap" sounding synthesizers and a few, sometimes small samples . G-funk is less aggressive compared to other sub-genres of hip-hop music.

Well-known representatives

Style-typical albums

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