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Gideon Maoz (* 1987 in Neunkirchen / Saar ) is a German - Israeli actor and speaker .


Gideon Maoz grew up in Saarland . From 2008 to 2012 he studied acting at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz . During his studies he was seen at the Schauspielhaus Graz : in Daniel Pfluger's production of "Moby Dick" based on Herman Melville. During his studies he also played in "Suburbia" by Eric Bogosian ( director : Igor Bauersima ), Theater im Palais, Graz, and - also there - in Jura Soyfer's play "Der Lechner Edi looks into paradise" (director: Reinhard Herrgesell-Mitter).

After completing his studies, Gideon Maoz began his first permanent engagement at the Schauspielhaus (Vienna) in 2012 under the direction of Andreas Beck . Here he was seen, among other things, as Anton in the world premiere of Anne Habermehl's "Luft aus Stein" (2013) and in her monologue "Wie Mücken im Licht". In 2013 he also played Mads in "I was never there" (text: Lukas Linder, director: Lilja Rupprecht), Danilo Ilić in "Princip (this grave is too small for me)" (text: Biljana Srbljanovic , director: Michał Zadara) and 2014 in PeterLicht's "Das Sausen der Welt" (Direction: Katharina Schwarz).

Gideon Maoz has been working as a freelancer since 2015, including at the Graz Schauspielhaus , Werk X Wien, Theater Konstanz and Meininger Staatstheater . In addition, he can be heard repeatedly as a speaker in feature and radio play formats.

Theater (selection)

  • 2010/11: Moby Dick based on Herman Melville (Pip, Elia) - Director: Daniel Pfluger, Schauspielhaus Graz
  • 2012/13: The silk shoe Day I: The lucky pilgrims; Paul Claudel / Thomas Arzt - Director: Gernot Grünewald, Schauspielhaus Wien
  • 2012/13: The silk shoe 2nd day: Where you are not; Paul Claudel / Jörg Albrecht - Director: Mélanie Huber, Schauspielhaus Wien
  • 2012/13: The silk shoe III. Day: Conquering Solitude; Paul Claudel / Anja Hilling - Director: Christine Eder, Schauspielhaus Wien
  • 2012/13: The silk shoe 4th day: The boat of the millions; Paul Claudel / Tine Rahel Völcker - Director: Pedro Martins Beja, Schauspielhaus Wien
  • 2012/13: Air from Stone (world premiere ) by Anne Habermehl (Anton) - Director: Anne Habermehl, Schauspielhaus Wien
  • 2012/13: I was never there (world premiere) by Lukas Linder (Mads) - director: Lilja Rupprecht, Schauspielhaus Wien
  • 2012/13: Plebs coriolan (world premiere) by Kevin Rittberger (Ausheger vom Land) - Director: Kevin Rittberger, Schauspielhaus Wien
  • 2013/14: Like mosquitos in the light (world premiere) by Anne Habermehl - director: Anne Habermehl, Schauspielhaus Wien
  • 2013/14: Princip - This grave is too small for me (premiere) by Biljana Srbljanovic (Danilo Ilić) - director: Michał Zadara, Schauspielhaus Wien
  • 2013/14: Queen Recluse (world premiere) by Thiemo Strutzenberger (Austin Dickinson, Lavinia Dickinson) - director: Martin Schmiederer, Schauspielhaus Wien
  • 2013/14: Das Sausen der Welt (Austrian premiere) by PeterLicht - Director: Katharina Schwarz, Schauspielhaus Wien
  • 2013/14: Allerwelt (world premiere) by Philipp Weiss (Naseer) - Director: Pedro M. Beja, Schauspielhaus Wien
  • 2014/15: Dogs of God (world premiere) by Thiemo Strutzenberger (Leonardo Alighieri) - director: Barbara Weber , Schauspielhaus Wien
  • 2014/15: Johnny Breitwieser - A criminal ballad from Vienna (world premiere) by Thomas Arzt (text) and Jherek Bischoff (composition) (Wenzl, his traitor) - Director: Alexander Charim , Schauspielhaus Wien
  • 2015: Depeche Mode (ÖEA) based on Serhij Zhadan (Dog Pawlow) - Director: Julia Burger, Werk X / Eldorado Vienna
  • 2015/16: Benefit or: Everyone saves an African scanner (ÖEA) by Ingrid Lausund (Leo) - Director: Mathias Schönsee, Schauspielhaus Graz
  • 2016: Everyone ... Nobody / Graz and Human Rights (WP) by Clemens Bechtel , Schauspielhaus Graz
  • 2017: The races by Ferdinand Bruckner (Siegelmann) , director: Barbara-David Brüesch, Theater Konstanz
  • 2017: security instead of freedom? - Graz and Human Rights 2 (WP) by Clemens Bechtel, Schauspielhaus Graz
  • 2018: Trace of Stones by Erik Neutsch (Trutmann), director: Gabriela Gillert, Meininger Staatstheater .

radio play

  • 2013: Manifesto 42: Robbing hearts where love would be enough; WDR - text and direction: FALKNER
  • 2014: Manifesto 44: The black funeral procession, blackbird, thrush, finch and starling, the raven, the raven, the eagle owl, the eagle owl; ORF - text and direction: FALKNER
  • 2016: Manifesto 50: You can kill me if you love me; HR2 - Text and direction: FALKNER (Radio Play of the Month November 2016, German Academy of Performing Arts )
  • 2016: Tree liver love; ORF (Ö1) - radio play by Sophie Reyer, director: Philipp Scheiner
  • 2017: The Bride's Shoes; ORF (Ö1) - radio play by Magda Woitzuck, directed by Philip Scheiner & Peter Kaizar

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