God's Army II - The Prophecy

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German title God's Army II - The Prophecy
Original title The Prophecy II
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1998
length 80 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Greg Spence
script Matthew Greenberg ,
Greg Spence
production WK Border ,
Joel Soisson
music David C. Williams
camera Richard Clabaugh
cut Christopher Cibelli ,
Ivan Ladizinsky

God's Army II - The Prophecy is a thriller from 1998 and continues the storyline of its predecessor God's Army - The Last Battle , whose success, however, could not be continued. The film was released directly on DVD and was nominated for the Saturn Award in 1998 . The film was distributed in Germany on December 9, 1999.


The action begins a few years after the first film. The fallen archangel Gabriel is released from hell by Lucifer , since one devil is enough. Gabriel then turns again to his war against the sky and its hosts. First, however, the archangel tracks down his former conqueror Thomas Daggett , who is now half insane because he is tormented by visions of angels. Thomas wrote some prophecies about this, which he collects in a book. Gabriel kills Thomas after a short conversation and is now looking for human help to orientate himself in the human world. He finds this in the suicidal Izzy, who is kept alive by Gabriel after attempting suicide with her friend Julian - who dies in the process - as an orientation aid. At the same time, the young Valerie Rosales meets a young man who is actually the angel Danyael . He received an order from the Archangel Michael and, on a night of love with Valerie, fathered a Nephilim , a child between angel and human. Gabriel, in turn, learns about the Nephilim via detours and sees Thomas's power threatened in this and a prophecy related to him.

So he swears to kill him. Before that, there is a fight between two angels of heaven - Raphael and Danyael - with unnamed angels who follow Gabriel's rebellion. Raphael and Danyael turn off the rebels, but Raphael is attacked by Gabriel, overwhelmed and finally killed after a short conversation. The Redeemer grows up very quickly in Valerie's body. Gabriel and his "monkey" Izzy finally come to Valeries' whereabouts with the help of a cleaning service and their computer - in which Valerie's address is stored. Gabriel kills the grandmother Valeries and also attacks Valerie, who is able to escape him with the help of Danyaels. He fights with Gabriel and is defeated and impaled by him, but survives. With the help of Izzy, who wants to get rid of Gabriel, Valerie escapes her tormentor and, on Danyael's advice, seeks refuge in a church. There Gabriel tracks her down again and wants to drag her out, because not even he would kill anyone in a church. When he steps out, however, he is (apparently) shot by the police alarmed by the alarm system. Gabriel survives, however, and with the help of Izzy sets off again in search of Valerie, who, under Danyael's guidance, reaches the Garden of Eden , which has, however, become a waste incineration plant. Here Valerie meets Michael, who is encamped here with the heavenly hosts.

Gabriel and Izzy also come to Eden and Gabriel demands access to Eden in order to kill Valerie. Michael puts things in God's hands. Gabriel then searches with Izzy for Valerie and meets Danyael again, with whom he fights and finally kills. Izzy in turn tracks down Valerie, but lets her escape and brings Gabriel into a situation in which he kills her out of a reflex so that she is finally released. Valerie and Gabriel finally meet and Valerie manages to shake the archangel's faith in his own cause and jumps off a platform with Gabriel. During the fall, Gabriel turns with Valerie and the archangel is impaled by an iron bar while Valerie comes up unharmed. Michael recognizes God's will and takes Gabriel's abilities: he becomes a completely normal person. Valerie leaves Eden. In the credits you can see that she had a son whom she calls Daniel. Gabriel can also be seen sitting in the street as a beggar and apparently getting used to the new circumstances.


"A dramaturgically insubstantial film that supplies proven genre patterns and at the same time tries to enrich them with a spiritual level, but needs too many retarding moments to reach the full length."

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