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Goede Gendrich (born November 22, 1912 in Mirow ; † September 6, 2000 in Eschede ; actually Ludwig Dörbandt ) was a German forester and author. He became known as a hunting writer under the pseudonym Goede Gendrich . He was considered one of the greats of nature and hunting literature.

Live and act

Ludwig Dörbandt was born in Mirow in the Mecklenburg-Strelitz part of the country in 1912 , where his father worked as a state forester. He attended the Carolinum grammar school in Neustrelitz and then decided - against his father's will - to pursue a career as a forest clerk. Until he was hired as a forest intern and could begin his training, he worked temporarily as a forest worker . For almost two decades he also gained a wealth of experience as a hunter in the hunting grounds of Mecklenburg , a time that had a strong impact on him and was to occupy a large part of his later literary work. As a soldier in World War II , he was wounded several times. After the end of the war in 1945, Ludwig Dörbandt moved to Lower Saxony , where after a few eventful years he found a new home in the Lüneburg Heath . There he was given a forest ranger's office in what is now the Südheide Nature Park , which the forestry officer managed until his retirement.

As a writer he became known through his articles in the hunting press and published numerous hunting and homeland stories under the pseudonym Goede Gendrich , which reached a large audience and made him known nationwide. Overall, he has published well over 500 works on forest, hunting and historical topics, including more than a dozen books. Their first, Silver Gray Satan. The time with you, my Rauhbauz , appeared in 1961 and showed his deep connection with his dachshund Satan . Many of his books are strongly autobiographical and revolve around the Mecklenburg years, especially how we lived and so we hunted. Mecklenburg-Strelitz - a fascinating adventure (1987), With the eyes of a hunter. Experienced and Heard (1992) as well as his last work The world is grief for us and we are just a game. German Destiny 1923-1953 (1998).

As a poet , Goede Gendrich found new forms in hunting poetry that can be assigned to Expressionism . He published a selection, among others, in the volume A glow is on all things (1976). In addition, he wrote many a cheerful and lightweight book about hunting, but also about the serious location of hunting. Responsibility or pleasure in killing? (1990). A number of his works appeared in the historical-literary magazine Carolinum .

He has received several awards for his literary work, including the Fritz Reuter Medal and the DJV Prize for Public Relations. The Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Forest Association and the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania State Hunting Association each made him an honorary member.

Forestry Officer i. R. Ludwig Dörbandt died on September 6, 2000 at the age of 87 in his home town of Eschede.

In memory of the popular hunting writer, Carpin-Goldenbaum names the 700-year-old Goede-Gendrich oak after him. Dörbandt had lived in Goldenbaum from 1923 to 1927 as the forester's son.

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