Gotzelo I. (Lower Lorraine)

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Gotzelo (also Gozelo ) of Upper Lorraine and Lower Lorraine (* around 970 ; † April 19, 1044 ) was the son of Count Gottfried von Verdun and Mathilde von Sachsen.

In 1023 he succeeded his brother Gottfried II as Duke of Lower Lorraine. He always had good relations with the German King Heinrich II . His successor, Konrad II , initially refused recognition and joined a Lotharing nobility opposition.

In the neighboring Upper Lorraine, Duke Friedrich III died in 1033 . The country was thus at the mercy of the French Count of Champagne , Odo II of Blois , and King Conrad had to act so that Upper Lorraine was not wrested from him. So he transferred this duchy to Gotzelo, so that he became Duke of all of Lorraine , but Konrad was now loyal to him. In 1037 he went against Odo II of Blois in the battle of Bar and was able to drive him back.

Gotzelo died on April 19, 1044; he was buried in the Münsterbilsen monastery . He left several children including:


predecessor Office successor
Friedrich III. Duke of Upper Lorraine
Gottfried III.
Gottfried II. Duke of Lower Lorraine
Gotzelo II  ?
Konrad Lord of Zutphen