Meulan County

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The county of Meulan with the main town Meulan , a strategically important fortress on the lower reaches of the Seine , belonged to the Vexin in the 10th century and came to the county of Beaumont-le-Roger by marriage in 1081 . 1199 Meulan was by French King Philip II August in connection with the reconquest of Normandy due to the loyalty that Count Robert VI. brought to the English under King John without land , was drawn in by the French. The Capetians kept Meulan under their direct control and only installed a powerless vice-count.

Meulan was by Philip VI. his half-brother Louis of Evreux given, then in 1364 his grandson, Charles II. the evil , the King of Navarre , taken away. Karl's son Karl III. the noble one finally ceded Meulan to the king in 1404.

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