Bit by bit

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Original title Bit by bit
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2013
length 75 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
JMK 18
Director Maike Brochhaus
production Maike Brochhaus
music "Sören disorder"
camera Paul Légère, "Bello Morningside"
cut "Sören disorder"

Linus, Till, Jenz, Alice, Simon, Franzi

Pieces of a 2012 turned " post-pornographic " experimental film in which the art historian Maike Brochhaus Director led and using crowdfunding was financed. The aim of the film was to create a counter-model to conventional porn films , in which the focus is not on the sexual act , but on the erotic approach. The participants in the project were not porn actors and were not paid. The film was planned as an open situation without a script or stage directions with the postulate of the voluntary nature of the action of each participant.

Intention and background

The director Maike Brochhaus sees her debut film bit by bit as a post-pornographic film experiment. The art historian , then a lecturer at the University of Cologne , wants her film to set a counter-model to the popular format of porn films. With her work she tries to address the artificiality of pornography and to address the difference between real and media-constructed sexuality . The slogan was: “One evening, six bodies, how far would you go?” The cast should remain authentic during the shoot. A basic statement of the film is: “Head and body cannot be separated from each other.” The aim is to show a tenderness beyond YouPorn . Identification with the performing persons, whose real feelings are to be shown, is desirable.

The film has no script and no professional actors act. The course of the film was not specified. There were also no stage directions during the shoot in order not to falsify the experiment. The action should be able to develop situationally without pressure. Only the game " Spin the Bottle " was a planned element. The only props of the film were cards with questions and actions on the subject of sex , which could be drawn from various piles, from harmless to sharp. Here, however, it was left to the contributors to answer them. In doing so, the director consciously took the risk that nothing would happen during the shooting.

Bit by bit , the film was shot in an occupied house in Cologne-Kalk with a budget of 10,000 euros, which was raised on the Internet . It was performed in 2013 in Berlin, Munich and at the Rhein-Main University of Applied Sciences in Rüsselsheim and can be downloaded from the Internet for a fee. The director emphasizes the non-commercial nature of the project. The actors did not receive a fee .

Actor, setting and plot

The film was shot with six cast members, three women and three men, most of whom had an academic background and were aged 21 to 31 at the time of shooting. Among them was the director's long-time friend. The participants were cast and were not allowed to be professional porn actors, but had to expressly state their willingness to have sex before shooting. However, during the experiment, they were able to spontaneously decide how far they wanted to go. The individual actors were only supposed to get to know each other personally during the shoot and therefore arrived on the set with a delay while the camera was running. It was shot "live", the shots were not repeated. The cameras were partly visible to the film participants and partly hidden and can also be seen in the finished film for the viewer. As an allusion to the porn chic of that time, the scene deliberately depicts a 1970s- style living room whose walls were fitted with one-way mirrors. The storyline was a relaxed conversation while eating and drinking, in which the actors were supposed to come closer and in which the artificiality of the film situation and the associated subjective feelings are addressed. During the get-together, the director had prepared the game "Spin the Bottle", in which the participants were asked to draw cards with questions and actions on the subject of sexuality. During the shoot, however, this element was only used from the middle. Ultimately, all those involved exposed themselves in front of the camera, but no coitus took place. The film shoot lasted almost eleven hours, and in the end there was a clear focus on heterosexual couple formation .

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