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Henry G Brandt (March 2016)

Henry G. Brandt (born Heinz Georg Brandt on 25 September 1927 in Munich ; died 7 February 2022 in Zürich ) was a German rabbi .


In 1939, the family of the then eleven-year-old Brandt emigrated to Tel Aviv via England . After serving as an officer in the Israeli War of Independence , Brandt studied economics in Northern Ireland at Queen's University of Belfast from 1951 to 1955 and after graduating worked as a market analyst at Ford Motor Company . At this time he also volunteered in the Ilford Jewish community near London.

In 1957 he began studying at Leo Baeck College in London, graduating in 1961 with a rabbi's diploma ( Semicha ). He held his first rabbinate as a regional rabbi of reform congregations in Leeds , northeast England . In 1971 he went to Geneva , where he remained rabbi of an international Jewish community until 1978, after which he became founding rabbi of the Jewish liberal community "Or Chadasch" in Zurich , and later community rabbi of the Jewish community in Gothenburg . From 1983 to 1995 he was state rabbi of the State Association of Jewish Communities in Lower Saxony based in Hanover , and from 1995 to 2004 state rabbi of the State Association of Jewish Communities in Westphalia-Lippe in Dortmund . From 2004 to March 2019 he was the community rabbi of the Jewish community in Schwaben-Augsburg . As official rabbi, he looked after the Jewish religious community in Bielefeld .

From 1985 to 2016, Rabbi Brandt was the Jewish chairman of the German Coordinating Council of Societies for Christian-Jewish Cooperation . He was a member of the board of directors of the Buber Rosenzweig Foundation . He was also a member of the "Jews and Christians" discussion group at the Central Committee of German Catholics .

In 2004, Brandt was elected chairman of the non-Orthodox General Rabbinical Conference (ARK); he held the post until February 2019. In addition, the newly drafted cross-current German Rabbinical Conference appointed him its founding chairman in 2005. He held this office until 2006; he was succeeded by Natanel Teitelbaum of the Orthodox Rabbinical Conference .

Brandt joined the Freemasonry in England in 1962 .

He last lived in Zurich, where he also died at the age of 94.

Debate on the Good Friday Intercession

After both Walter Homolka and Micha Brumlik canceled their participation in the 97th German Catholic Day in May in Osnabrück in February 2008 out of indignation at the Good Friday intercession for the Jews , Rabbi Henry Brandt stated that he was surprised by Walter Homolka's cancellation. He agrees with him when criticizing the text of the intercession. The talks with the Catholic Church are, however, precisely for this reason necessary. Brandt emphasized: "There is still room for negotiation" and "I think it's the wrong way to break off the talks."

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