Hessian Association of Towns and Municipalities

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Seat of the Hessian Association of Towns and Municipalities

Hessian Cities and Municipalities Association V. ( HSGB for short ) has been the central organization of the municipalities in Hesse since 1946. The HSGB include 400 Hessian Cities and towns and more than 100 public bodies , such as associations , in (February 2020).

Thomas Stöhr is the President of the HSGB, David Rauber is the Managing Director. The seat of the association is in Mühlheim am Main .


The association offers its members legal advice and legal representation .

The organs are the general assembly, the executive committee and the main committee. It is divided geographically into district assemblies with their own district chairmen and thematically into specialist committees:

Participation at the state level

The Hessian Association of Towns and Municipalities is one of three central municipal associations in Hesse. The others are the Hessian City Association and the Hessian District Association . According to § 147 HGO , these central municipal associations are to be involved in the preparation of state legislation that affects the interests of the municipalities and municipal associations. Details are regulated by the law on securing local self-government .

Baron from the Stein Institute

The association offers a comprehensive range of municipal advanced training courses through its Freiherr vom Stein Institute . The institute organizes around twenty courses in the spring and around twenty courses in the fall, most of which are organized by the HSGB's own speakers. The advanced training events are aimed at mayors , municipal elected officials, municipal boards and members of the municipal administration. Furthermore, seminars are offered for office managers and administrative employees. The institute's program is supplemented by day seminars on current local political issues.

The Freiherr vom Stein Institute, which was founded in 1950, provides civic education work, teaches the basics of the democratic local constitution and self-administration and provides assistance with important questions from local practice.


The association publishes the Hessian city and community newspaper every month.

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