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Hot Club de Norvège (2009)

The Hot Club de Norvège is a Norwegian jazz quartet that is based on the style of the Quintette du Hot Club de France, has released numerous albums and has performed internationally with numerous guest soloists.


The two guitarists Jon Larsen and Per Frydenlund founded the trio of the same name in 1979 with the bassist Svein Aarbostad, with whom they had been friends from childhood. It initially appeared in small groups and with street music. In 1980 the violinist Ivar Brodahl (1928–2003) joined the group, which soon after presented a first album and founded the Norwegian Django Festival. In 1981 the band worked with Raphaël Faÿs and performed at the Molde International Jazz Festival , the following year in Finland at Pori Jazz . In 1985 the violinist and harmonica player Finn Hauge replaced Brodahl.

The band continued to play with Al Casey , Stéphane Grappelli , Didier Lockwood , Matelo Ferret , Boulou Ferré , Howard Alden , Angelo Debarre / Moreno , Jimmy and Stochelo Rosenberg , Romane , Philip Catherine , Ulf Wakenius , Babik Reinhardt , Ola Kvernberg , Andreas Öberg , Florin Niculescu , Francis-Alfred Moerman and Nigel Kennedy . Stylistically, the band showed their openness through collaborations that ranged from the Norwegian folk singer Øystein Sunde to the Vertavo String Quartet and the Tromsø Symphony Orchestra to the punk jazz project Løver & Tigre.

Prizes and awards

In 1982 the group received the Spellemann Prize together with Lillebjørn Nilsen for the album Original Nilsen . The album Swinging with Jimmy with Jimmy Rosenberg was named "Work of the Year" by the Norwegian composers' association NOPA.

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