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Hugo Rudolf Stumm , from 1888 Hugo Rudolf Freiherr von Stumm-Ramholz , (* 1845 in Neunkirchen (Saar) ; † July 31, 1910 in Coswig (Saxony) ) was a German entrepreneur .


Stumm came from the industrial family Stumm , who had bought the Neunkircher ironworks and shares in other ironworks in the Saar area on March 22, 1806 . While the eldest brother Karl took over the management of the Stumm brothers' mining company , the younger brothers Ferdinand and Hugo benefited as silent partners in the family company's income. In 1888 the brothers were ennobled . In 1908 Hugo was one of the 100 richest citizens in the Kingdom of Prussia with an estimated fortune of 14 to 15 million marks and an annual income of 1 million marks and owned the manor Ramholz ( Schlüchtern district ) with 979 hectares.

Hugo, the youngest of the brothers, had at an early stage after an officer career as Rittmeister retired . D. retired. He was an elected member of the municipal parliament of Kassel ( Kassel administrative district) and of the provincial parliament of the Hesse-Nassau province . A mental illness, which manifested itself in outbreaks as early as 1864, 1871 and 1888, led to incapacitation by the Schlüchtern district court on November 5, 1888. The temporary placement took place at the Friedrichsberg sanatorium near Hamburg. The guardianship was held by Hugo von Stumm's brother Ferdinand, at the time the German ambassador in Madrid . The eldest brother Karl was the representative of the main guardian. After the disease broke out again in 1896, a psychiatric report stated that "As a result of his condition, Mr. von Stumm was inclined to squander large sums of money and it was to be expected that at the slightest contradiction he would proceed to violent behavior that was dangerous to the public. he will soon have to be taken to an asylum. ”As a result, Hugo was admitted to the Lindenhof asylum in Coswig near Dresden from May 1896 until the end of his life. In his memory, his wife Ludovica donated the Schlüchtern district hospital and in 1910 established the Hugo von Stumm Foundation to support artists and poets.

Ramholz Castle

Ramholz Castle

In the second half of the 19th century, the Stumm brothers were among the wealthiest and most influential entrepreneurs in Germany. On a competitive basis, the three brothers were silent three representative palaces in the style of historicism built: Schloss Halberg , Rauischholzhausen Castle and Castle Ramholz . Hugo Freiherr von Stumm acquired the Ramholz property in 1883 and had the Munich architects Emanuel and Gabriel von Seidl add a new building to the existing castle between 1893 and 1896 , as well as a farmyard including buildings from the 18th century and residential buildings for the employees and a machine house to power the property.

The castle, which is privately owned by the descendants of Kühlmann-Stumm, was opened to the public through guided tours in 2012. In 2012 it was offered for sale for 7 million euros.


The marriage with Ludovica von Rauch , daughter of the Austro-Hungarian Colonel Adalbert von Rauch and his wife Ludovika, nee von Blittersdorff , resulted in three children. The daughter Margarete Freiin von Stumm-Ramholz (1884–1917) married Richard von Kühlmann on January 25, 1906 . Stumm's grandson Knut von Kühlmann-Stumm , Baron von Stumm-Ramholz, continued the name.


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