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Humbert is a male given name and a family name .

Origin and meaning

The name Humbert goes back to the Old High German male name Hunbert ( hunj = young animal, young bear and beraht = shiny).


name day

March 3 (Memorial Day of Humbert III of Savoy)

Name bearer

First name

Middle Ages (historically ordered)

  • Humbert († 842), Bishop of Würzburg (832–842), see Hunbert
  • Humbert I (Savoy) (1003-1048; called: Humbert with the white hands), Count of Savoy
  • Humbert von Silva Candida (also Humbert von Moyenmoutier; around 1010-1061), Catholic cardinal and Benedictine
  • Humbert (Bremen) , Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Hamburg-Bremen from 1101 to 1104

Modern times (in alphabetical order)

family name

Fictional character

  • Humbert Humbert , male protagonist in Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita and its film adaptations

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