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IM is an abbreviation for:

IM as a distinguishing mark on license plates:

IM stands for:

  • Her Majesty (before the title and name of an empress and / or queen), see salutation

i. M. stands for:

im stands for:

Im is the family name of the following people:

  • Im Chae-bin (* 1991), South Korean track cyclist
  • Im Dong-hyun (* 1986), South Korean archer
  • Im Eun-joo (* 1961), South Korean long-distance runner
  • Im Ho , Korean teacher of Taekgyeon martial arts
  • Im Ju-yeon (* 1976), South Korean comic artist Rhim Ju-yeon
  • Im Kwon-taek (* 1934), South Korean director and film producer
  • Im Kyu-tae (* 1981), South Korean tennis player
  • Im Sang-soo (* 1962), South Korean director
  • Im Seung-hwi (* 1946), North Korean soccer player
  • Im Su-hyang (* 1990), South Korean actress
  • Sunhae Im (* 1976), Korean opera and concert singer (lyric coloratura soprano)
  • Im Wan-seob (* 1971), South Korean-Argentine soccer player and coach
  • Im Yun-ji (* 1981), South Korean water diver
  • for other people with the Korean family name " ", see also Lim

In mathematics, Im stands for:

In mathematics,
im stands for:

  • Image , a function: in f

.im is an abbreviation for:

  • .im , country-specific top-level domain (ccTLD) for the British Isle of Man

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