Igelsgraben (Odenbach)

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Hedgehog pit
Water code DE : 25468592
location Saar-Nahe-Bergland


River system Rhine
Drain over Odenbach  → Glan  → Nahe  → Rhine  → North Sea
source east of Odenbach
49 ° 40 ′ 55 ″  N , 7 ° 39 ′ 28 ″  E
Source height 235  m above sea level NHN
muzzle in the local community of Odenbach from the right in the Odenbach coordinates: 49 ° 40 '51 "  N , 7 ° 39' 14"  E 49 ° 40 '51 "  N , 7 ° 39' 14"  E
Mouth height approx.  155  m above sea level NHN
Height difference approx. 80 m
Bottom slope approx. 25%
length 325 m
Catchment area 42.5 ha

The hedgehog digging is a good three hundred meters long orographic right tributary of Odenbaches in the Rhineland-Palatinate Kusel district in the area of the municipality Lauterecken-Wolfenstein belonging municipality Odenbach .


The Igelsgraben rises in the natural area of Moschelhöhen in the North Palatinate Uplands at an altitude of 2735  m above sea level. NHN in an ash ravine forest at the southeastern foot of the 339.6  m high Galgenberg . Its source is a good three hundred meters east of the village of Odenbach.

The stream initially flows a good two hundred meters west through the ash forest, then turns to the south-west and then reaches the south-east edge of Odenbach. It passes the southeastern tip of the village, crosses under Landesstraße 382 ( Adenbacher Straße ) and finally flows into the An der Odenbach corridor at an altitude of 155  m from the right into the Odenbach coming from the south .


The Igelsgraben has a catchment area of ​​42.5 ha and drains through the Odenbach , Glan , Nahe and Rhine into the North Sea . The difference in altitude from its source to its mouth is about 80 m, which corresponds to a mean bed gradient of about 246 ‰ over a length of 325 m.

nature and environment

In the ash ravine forest there are ash , pedunculate oak and sycamore maple as well as blackberry , gooseberry , red currant , red honeysuckle , two-pronged hawthorn and hazelnut bushes, and below in the herb layer there grow the great chickweed , the forest ziest , the mountain nettle , the ivy , the Gundermann , the true clove root , the stinking cork's beak , the forest foamwort , the garlic mustard , the chaffy worm fern and the lady fern .

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