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Ignaz Kögler ( Chinese  戴進賢  /  戴进贤 , Pinyin Dài Jìnxián ; born May 11, 1680 in Landsberg am Lech ; † March 30, 1746 in Beijing ) was a German Jesuit and missionary .


Information board at Kögler's birthplace

Born the son of a craftsman, he first attended the Jesuit grammar school in his hometown of Landsberg. After joining the order in 1712 he became professor of mathematics , ancient languages ​​and Hebrew at the University of Ingolstadt .

In 1716, at his request, the order's leadership sent him to China as a missionary . In the same year he started the trip together with the Jesuit Karel Slavíček from Bohemia and the Italian Nicolo Gianprimo.

In China, Kögler made rapid progress at the court of the Qing emperors , who were less interested in the Christian religion than in the scientific and cultural achievements of Europeans. In 1720, Kangxi appointed him head of the Astronomical Office in Beijing and the Imperial Observatory. In this role, Kögler was also responsible for monitoring the Chinese calendar . Like most of his friars, he spoke out in favor of so-called accommodation , according to which the Chinese converted to Christianity should be allowed to maintain the external rites and ceremonies of the traditional religions. Even after Pope Benedict XIV had expressly forbidden this practice through the bulls Ex quo singulari and Omnium solicitudinum in 1742/44 ( rites dispute ) and the pressure of the imperial family on Christian missionaries in China increased, Kögler remained largely unaffected. As a 2nd class Mandarin , he enjoyed the special trust and respect of Emperor Qianlong .

Kögler also made a name for himself as a writer. His works were published partly in Latin and partly in Chinese. His attempt at a history of the Jews in Sina and a description of the Jewish St. Books in the synagogue at Kaifongfu ( Notitiae SS. Bibliorum Iudaeorum in imperio Sinensi ; Hall 1806).

Kögler died in Beijing in 1746. He was buried with his friars in the Zhalan missionary cemetery on the western edge of Beijing, the Jesuit cemetery .

In addition, one of the high schools in Landsberg am Lech was named after him, the Ignaz-Kögler-Gymnasium .


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