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Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.
התעשייה האווירית לישראל

legal form Limited
founding 1953
Seat Ben Gurion Airport IsraelIsraelIsrael 
management Itzhak Nissan
Number of employees 16,500
sales 13.63 billion shekels (2008)
Branch Aircraft construction

IAI Lavi - Israeli production

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. ( IAI ) is an Israeli aircraft and missile construction company .


IAI's story begins in 1953 when Bedek Aviation Company was founded to take on repair and maintenance assignments. From 1957 the licensed production of began Slingsby - gliders . Later, the French Fouga Magister was built under license , which was delivered to the IDF / Heyl HaAvir as the "Tzukit" .

In 1966, IAI began construction work on the light transport aircraft " Arava ", whose maiden flight took place on November 27, 1969. The "Arava" was built in smaller numbers in the civilian versions IAI 101/102 and the military version IAI 201 and exported to several countries in the Third World , mainly in Central and South America .

In April 1967 the Bedek Aircraft Company was renamed Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd. (IAI) and divided into different companies.

In the same year IAI acquired all rights for the twin-engine business jet "Jet Commander" from Rockwell Standard Corporation. From this, the IAI 1124 Westwind was developed, which went into production in 1976. A version of the "Westwind" for sea surveillance is offered on the world market as "SeaScan" .

The first demanding military program was the " Nesher " fighter , an Israeli version of the French Mirage IIIE . Another version of the Mirage III was developed under the name Kfir . The "Kfir" was put into service in the early 1970s and built in the single-seat versions C / C2 / C7 and the two-seat versions TC2 and TC7.

At the end of the 1970s, IAI began developing the " Lavi " based on the American F-16 . This machine was a top performance by international standards, but the program was canceled at the end of the 1980s for financial reasons. In order not to give up the experience gained in this program, an attempt was made to combine the tried and tested airframe of the "Kfir" with the systems of the "Lavi". The program was run under the name " Nammer ". Another program is run by the LAHAV division under the name "Kfir 2000".

In order to upgrade the machines of the IDF / Heyl HaAvir, the IAI developed the "Phantom 2000". IAI also converted 54 Turkish F-4E's . The experience gained in the “Phantom 2000” program was used here, including new computers , displays , EloKa equipment and the Elta EL / M-2032 multifunction radar .

Avocet ProJet

In November 2006 the name was changed from “Aircraft” to “Aerospace” in order to take into account the wide range of product areas, which in addition to airplanes also includes space technology as well as marine and ground technology.

The IAI project to land on the moon with the unmanned spacecraft SpaceIL in 2019 is the world's first moon mission that is not financed by the state, but by a company.

Group companies

IAI Elta Electronics Industries (Elta Systems Group)

In Ashdod -based Elta Electronics is the largest avionics maker in Israel. In the beginning mainly American and French systems were manufactured under license, but soon the modification of the built systems and finally also the own construction began. The different "Kfir" versions were equipped with an Elta radar and also had various other Elta systems, such as jamming and deception devices for electronic warfare .

IAI MATA Helicopters Division (Military Aircraft Group IAI)

The helicopter activities of IAI are bundled in the MATA Helicopters Division, founded in 1976. The focus is on the maintenance and overhaul of helicopter components and systems, repair work, modifications and upgrades of helicopters. Among other things, MATA is working on a modernization program for the now outdated CH-53 , which is called CH-53/2000. The modifications mainly concern a longer period of use and changes in the cockpit . Another program deals with the UH-1 "Huey" , for which IAI is offering a modernization.

IAI Malat Division

The Malat Division builds drones, e.g. B. the IAI Heron or Heron TP. The Malat Division is one of the world market leaders in this area.

IAI MBT Missile Systems Division

The MBT Missile Systems Division is part of the IAI Missile & Space Systems Group. It designs and builds both military and civilian missiles and is located in the Yehud industrial area: .

IAI MLM Division

Logo on the outer wall

The MLM division in Be'er Ja'akow , founded in 1957, specializes in missile systems and builds all major missiles in Israel, such as the civilian Shavit and the military Jericho and Arrow missiles . However, it also offers appropriate communication, training and control systems. We also have many years of experience in solar technology and concentrated photovoltaics in space travel.

IAI Ramta Division

The Ramta Division in Be'er Scheva builds, among other things, Super Dvora - speed boats and RAM-2000 - armored cars .

IAI North America

IAI North America consists of Stark Aerospace in Columbus, Mississippi and ELTA North America in Fulton, Maryland . Stark Aerospace produces drones and sensors, ELTA produces mobile radar and communication systems.

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