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Jack Sheldon (* thirtieth November 1931 in Jacksonville , Florida ; † 27. December 2019 ) was an American actor , singer and jazz - trumpet player - originally of West Coast Jazz of the 1950s.


Sheldon began playing the trumpet professionally in Florida in 1943 and moved to Los Angeles in 1947 , where he first played in an Air Force band and then became part of the "West Coast Jazz" scene. He played with Jimmy Giuffre , Herb Geller , Wardell Gray , Stan Kenton , Benny Goodman , Curtis Counce , Art Pepper and Gerry Mulligan , among others . He still performs today (2007) in his own groups, including his own jazz parties and with a specially formed big band . He recorded regularly with Jazz West (around 1955), later with Concord Jazz and for his own Butterfly label.

As an actor, Sheldon was the star of his own comedic television series called Renn, Buddy, renn (English Run Buddy Run ) on CBS , which was broadcast on ZDF in 1969, in which he accidentally overheard Mafiosi as "Buddy Overstreet" and in a total of 13 episodes on the Escape is. He was also the sidekick of Merv Griffin in his show in the 1970s and in the police series Police Report (English Dragnet ). In the United States, his voice is also known from some of the Sunday children's “Schoolhouse Rock” television clips that aired in the early 1970s; for example "Conjunction junction" (in which a shunter explains the use of the words and / or) and "I'm just Bill" (in which students are told how laws are created from draft laws - English "Bills"). Sheldon also worked a lot as a studio musician. His trumpet solo can be heard in the soundtrack (mostly by Tom Waits ) of Francis Ford Coppola's One to the Heart (1986). In 1988 he played a holodeck pianist in the television series Spaceship Enterprise - The next century in episode 11001001 (season 1 episode 15). In 1994 he played a trumpeter in the film Radioland Murders - Wahnsinn broadcast by Mel Smith and in 1991 in For the Boys by Mark Rydell , in which Bette Midler can be seen as a troop supervisor during World War II.

In 2008 the documentary Trying to Get Good - the Jazz Odyssey of Jack Sheldon by Doug McIntyre and Penny Peyser was made with interviews by Clint Eastwood , Billy Crystal , Johnny Mandel , Dom DeLuise , Terry Gibbs and others.

His mother Jen Loven was known in Hollywood for her swimming school, where she also taught the children of movie stars.

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