Jamal Peninsula

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Jamal Peninsula
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Location of the Yamal Peninsula
Geographical location
Yamal Peninsula (Russia)
Jamal Peninsula
Coordinates 70 ° 40 ′  N , 70 ° 8 ′  E Coordinates: 70 ° 40 ′  N , 70 ° 8 ′  E
Waters 1 Kara Sea
Waters 2 Obbos
surface 120,000 km²
Satellite image

The Yamal Peninsula (also called Samoyed Peninsula , Russian Ямал ) is located in northwest Siberia ( Russia , Asia ). The peninsula belongs to the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug .


Landscape with oxbow lakes

The approximately 115,000 square kilometers Yamal Peninsula is located northeast of the northern end of the Ural Mountains and extends to the west of Obbusens where the Whether aspires to the north, into the already on the Arctic Ocean is part of the Kara Sea in. The peninsula essentially corresponds to the district ( Rajon ) Jamalski , which also includes offshore islands (especially Bely in the north and Naretschi and Jumzino in the Obbusen in the south). At the mainland connection in the southwest, the peninsula or the district borders on the Priuralski rajon .

The Yamalski district has an area of ​​117,410 km². On January 1, 2006 it had 15,653 inhabitants. The main town is Jar-Sale on the south coast. There are also eight other small towns. These are Bowanenkowo , Japtik-Sale , Mys Kamenny , Nowy Port , Panajewsk , Saleman , Se-Jacha and Sjoenaj-Sale .

The sparsely populated peninsula represents the northwestern extension of the great West Siberian lowlands . In addition, the peninsula, whose landscape was planed and flattened by Ice Age glaciers and dominated by the tundra , is the northwesternmost part of Asia, because the adjacent Kara Sea is called the northern one The beginning of the inner Eurasian border is considered.

Population and economy

A family of the Nenets

The indigenous population of the Yamal Peninsula is predominantly part of the Nenets , who breed fully nomadic reindeer there all year round . However, this world-wide unique economy and way of life is under strong competitive pressure, on the one hand by the overgrazing of the peninsula, on the other hand because Jamal is home to some of the world's largest natural gas reserves. These are promoted by the Russian gas company Gazprom and transported via pipelines such as the JAMAL European pipeline to Europe, where they are marketed, among other things, by E.ON's subsidiary Ruhrgas . The JAMAL European pipeline of Gazprom transports the natural gas to Mallnow in Germany, the beginning of the Yamal gas connection pipeline ( JAGAL ). The port of Sabetta is a major infrastructure project with investments equivalent to a few billion euros .

Transport links

Since 2011, Bowanenkowo and Karskaja have been accessible from Obskaja on the Obskaja – Karskaja railway line .

Individual evidence

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