Johannes Freinsheim

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Johannes Freinsheim

Johannes Freinsheim (born November 16, 1608 in Ulm , † August 31, 1660 in Heidelberg ) was a historian and philologist of the Baroque period .


Freinsheim was a gifted son of wealthy parents, attended grammar school in Worms , enrolled at the age of 15 in Marburg , later in Giessen , where he studied law and politics. It was only when he moved to Strasbourg that he began attending humanistic and historical lectures on Matthias Bernegger's advice . Together with Johann Michael Moscherosch , Jesaias Rompler and Johann Matthias Schneuber , he founded the Aufrichtige Tannengesellschaft here in 1633 to keep the German language pure.

In 1634 he went to Metz as episcopal archivist . In 1637 he returned to Strasbourg as a private scholar to marry Bernegger's daughter. In 1642 he followed a call as a Skyttean professor of politics and rhetoric at Uppsala University . From 1647 he was court librarian to the learned Swedish Queen Christina . In 1650 he returned to Worms as a private scholar. When Heidelberg University reopened in 1656, he was appointed electoral councilor and honorary professor.

Works (selection)

Supplementa liviana , 1715
  • (Ed.) Publius Annius Florus : Rerum Romanarum . Strasbourg 1632
  • Commentarii in libros superstites Q. Cvrtii Rvfi . Strasbourg 1639 (Ger. Ex. UdT From the life of Alexander the Great , Vienna 1799 etc.)
  • Teutscher Tugentspiegel or Song of the Origin and Deeds of the Old and New German Hercules. Strasbourg 1639
  • Orationes . Strasbourg 1662
  • Supplementa liviana , 1715

Literature (selection)

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