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Joseph Schubert

Joseph Schubert (born July 6, 1890 in Bucharest , † April 4, 1969 in Munich ) was a secret bishop of the Roman Catholic Church in Romania and titular bishop of Ceramussa .


After attending grammar school in Engelberg, Switzerland, the son of parents of German origin studied at the Archbishop's Seminar in Bucharest and at the University of Innsbruck , where he was ordained a priest on July 15, 1916 by Sigismund Waitz , titular bishop of Cibyra and later Archbishop of Salzburg . Then he returned to Romania, was first pastor in several rural parishes, from 1932 pastor and Metropolitan Canon, later Canon of St. Joseph's Cathedral in Bucharest. In his functions, he founded aid centers for the poor. He was also the initiator of the Buletinul Parohial magazine .

After the communists came to power, the Greek Catholic and Roman Catholic Churches in particular were exposed to severe repression and persecution. Schubert's ordination was announced on November 30, 1948 in Bucharest, the appointment as apostolic administrator and titular bishop of Ceramussa and the ordination as bishop all took place in secret. The episcopal ordination received his Archbishop Gerald Patrick Aloysius O'Hara , the apostolic nuncio in Romania , on June 26, 1950 in Bucharest.

After the Archbishop of Bucharest Alexandru Theodor Cisar was obliged to stay in the Franciscan monastery of Orăştie in May 1950 , Schubert led the diocese for a short time as bishop until he and all his possible successors on February 17, 1951 on the orders of the head of the Securitate ( Gheorghe Pintilie ) were interned. In anticipation of this, he succeeded in consecrating Alexandru Todea , the later cardinal , on November 19, 1950, as Greek Catholic and titular bishop of Caesaropolis - again in secret.

Schubert was sentenced to life imprisonment in a show trial with other high-ranking clerics.

On February 17, 1951, Bishop Schubert was arrested at the height of the Stalinist persecution and only released on August 4, 1964. Hieronymus Menges represented him in Bucharest as Ordinarius Substitutus and Apostolic Special Delegate before he too was arrested in 1952. Joseph Schubert was banished to the monastery of the English Misses of Timișu de Sus ( German  Obertemesch ) in 1964 without being allowed to exercise his episcopal or priestly functions again. In 1969 the Holy See, as part of its new Ostpolitik , allowed Schubert to leave the country.

He left the country on January 24, 1969, a seriously ill man marked by torture and privation. In February 1969, the bishop went to a private audience with Pope Paul VI. to Rome, where he reported on the problems of the Roman, but above all the Romanian Greek Catholic Church . A few weeks later he died in a Munich clinic. Cardinal Julius Döpfner celebrated the Requiem .

Schubert was buried in the bishop's crypt of the Frauenkirche in Munich.


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