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Karl Christoph von Münsterberg (also Karl Christoph von Podiebrad ; Czech Karel Krištof z Minstrberka ; * May 22, 1545 in Oels ; † March 17, 1569 ibid) was 1565–1569 Duke of Münsterberg . He was also Count von Glatz .


Karl Christoph came from the Münsterberger family branch of the Bohemian noble family Podiebrad . His parents were Johann von Münsterberg and Oels and his first wife Christina Katharina von Schidlowitz ( Kristyna Katarzyna Szydłowiecka ; 1519–1556).

1558 Karl Christoph undertook an educational journey through Europe and then stayed at the court of Emperor Ferdinand I on. After the death of his father, who had been married to Margarete († 1580), a daughter of Prince Heinrich II of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel since 1561 , Karl Christoph inherited the Duchy of Münsterberg in February 1565. The Duchy of Oels inherited Karl Christoph's cousin Karl II , the Duchy of Bernstadt his brother Heinrich III. Like his father and his brothers, Karl Christoph supported the Reformation in his domain . In 1567, the Catholic church service in Münsterberg's Peter and Paul Church was discontinued.

Karl Christoph was not married and died after a brief reign only four years ago at the age of 24. With him the era of the Podiebrad family in Münsterberg ended, which fell to the Crown of Bohemia as a settled fiefdom . The members of the Podiebrad family who were still alive and who were to follow were allowed to carry the title of Duke of Münsterberg in the male line until they died out in 1647.

Ten years after Karl Christoph's death, his cousin Barbara von Bieberstein donated a marble epitaph for the Ölser Schlosskirche , which was probably created by Hans Fleiser, known as Gruyter. It shows Duke Karl Christoph in knight armor.


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