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Karl Eduard Strandmann (born May 17, 1867 in Lidköping , Sweden ; † April 14, 1946 in Värmdö , Sweden) was a Swedish architect who, after studying and briefly working in an architectural office in Sundsvall from 1890 to 1892 from 1893 on in the then Russian Empire was active with residence in Liepaja , Courland Governorate , from 1918 Latvia . Here he was initially involved in the renovation and new construction of the St. Josef Cathedral (1894–1900) and later built the current city theater (1912–1915) and the Martin Luther Church (1914–1934). After the occupation of Latvia by the Red Army in 1940, Strandmann returned to Sweden, where he died in 1946.

Karl Eduard Strandmann designed a number of Catholic churches in the area of ​​today's republics of Lithuania and Latvia, predominantly in neo-Gothic brick construction. A special feature of many of his buildings is the use of the shape of a Latin cross with a rose window over the entrance and two side towers. A total of around 30 church projects originate from KE Strandmann, but the authorship of many of them is not documented.

As Strandmann was a foreigner in the Russian Empire, the work had to be supervised by local architects from Kaunas Governorate, mostly under the supervision of the engineer-architect Nikolai Andrejev.


  • 1893 Tiškevičius chapel in the Kretinga cemetery
  • 1896–1904 Gruzdžiai Holy Virgin Mary Trinity Church
  • 1897–1907 Palanga Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
  • 1900 Kuliai Bishop Stanislaus Church
  • 1901–1905 Švėkšna , Church of the Apostle James
  • 1901–1907 Jurbarka's Virgin Mary Trinity Church
  • 1901–1908 Vilkija St. George's Church
  • 1902–1911 Žiobiškis ( Rokiškis district parish ), Church of the Archangel Michael
  • 1902–1933 Plunge , St. John the Baptist Church
  • 1904 Ylakiai cemetery chapel
  • 1904–1906 Jelgava Catholic Church of St. George, today's Cathedral of the Innocent Virgin Mary (Bezvainīgās jaunavas Marijas katedrāle) of the Jelgava diocese
  • 1901–1912 Kelmė Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
  • 1902–1914 Ramygala of St. John the Baptist Church
  • 1903–1912 Alanta Church of the Apostle James
  • 1906–1911 Salantai Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
  • 1907–1912 Church of St. Anne (Akmenė)
  • 1908–1915 Višķi ( Daugavpils District ) Roman Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist
  • 1912–1915 Liepaja City Theater
  • 1914–1934 Liepaja Evang.-luth. Martin Luther Church



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