Church district of Saxony-Thuringia

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Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church Church
District Saxony-Thuringia
Basic data
Superintendent Thomas Junker
Church: Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church
Sprengel : east
Municipalities : 22 in 10 parishes
Address: Zeitzer Strasse 4
06667 Weißenfels
Internet presence: Superintendent

The church district of Saxony-Thuringia is a church district of the Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELK) and a corporation under public law .


The church district is headed by a superintendent as the leading clergyman , who is in charge of the church district advisory board. Other organs are the church district synod, which meets annually. Synodale provides a parish with a lay representative and the parish priest. In addition to the synod , the district pastors' convention, to which all pastors in active service belong with a seat and vote, is the organ of the church district. This church district belongs to the East District of the SELK.

Lutheran parishes

  • Parish of Erfurt
  • Parish Halle (Saale)
    • Evangelical Lutheran Congregation Halle (Maria Magdalenen Chapel on the Moritzburg )
    • Evangelical Lutheran Congregation Dessau
  • Parish of Leipzig
    • Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Congregation Leipzig
    • Evangelical Lutheran Congregation Wittenberg


The current superintendent of the church district of Saxony-Thuringia is Thomas Junker. The superintendent is in Weißenfels.

Church District Advisory Board

The church district council consists of the superintendent, two pastors and three lay people . He heads the church district.

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