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Climate reporter °
We deliver quality journalism on climate change to you every day.
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On-line 2018 (currently active)

Klimareporter ( proper spelling Klimareporter ° ) is an online magazine and aims to provide up-to-date and independent journalism on the subject of climate protection . The editor-in-chief is Joachim Wille . It is the follow-up project to .

Predecessor project was a political online magazine on the topic of climate change and the energy transition . It published daily news, reports, analyzes, comments and blog posts in order to provide “information and orientation on all aspects of climate change” according to its own presentation. In May 2018 it was renamed Klimareporter ° .

The magazine was founded in 2007 by journalists Toralf Staud ( Die Zeit ) and Nick Reimer ( taz ) under the name - based on their non-fiction book Wir Klimaretter , published in the same year . The turnaround can still be achieved . The portal has been called since 2010 .

The publisher was a committee of private individuals from science, business and politics, consisting of Hartmut Graßl , Claudia Kemfert , Andreas Knie , Gero Lücking, Jens Mühlhaus and Michael Müller . Editor-in-chief was Nick Reimer until July 2016, and since then Joachim Wille has been .

In addition to the seven editors in Berlin, seven correspondents in Germany and abroad as well as the agency IPS reported for . The editors and editors as well as external columnists such as Volker Quaschning , Hermann E. Ott and Hermann Josef Hack write regularly in the opinion department .

On a monthly average, achieved 107,000 page views . The magazine is financed through advertising, donations and grants. All articles are freely accessible and have reader forums .

A project was the website Der Klima-Liegendetektor , on which Staud and Reimer claim that they “compare climate protection promises and reality” in order to make greenwashing public in media articles , press releases and advertisements. In 2013 and 2014, the World Climate Report 2014 website provided journalistic support for the Fifth IPCC Assessment Report and its partial reports. 2015 and 2016 accompanied the side of climate diplomacy , the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris . The magazine movum, which was spun off in 2014, aims to stimulate a debate about transformation in the environmental movement.

Since 2015, the Frankfurter Rundschau has intensified its climate and environmental reporting with articles from , so that texts appear in print several times a week.


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