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City of Wuppertal
Coordinates: 51 ° 16 '25 "  N , 7 ° 4' 59"  E
Height : approx. 217 m above sea level NHN
Kohleiche (Wuppertal)

Location of Kohleiche in Wuppertal

Kohleiche is a farm in the mountainous city ​​of Wuppertal .

Location and description

The Hofschaft is located in the northwest of the city at 217  m above sea level. NHN on the ridge between the Eigenbach and the Brucher Bach in the northwest of the Eckbusch residential area of the Uellendahl-Katernberg district near the city limits of Wülfrath . The route of the federal motorway 535 runs directly at the place, which is connected by the street Zur Kohleiche . There is a small forest area east of Kohleiche.

Neighboring residential areas and towns are Aprath Castle , Aprath , Obenaprath , Schmalt , Klein- and Großhöfchen , Rosenland , Neuenhaus , Naurathssiepen , Hixter , Melandersbruch , Eschenkamp , Wiesenhaus , Kotthaus , Zum Kothen and Gut Steinberg . The Steinberg split, which is also adjacent, has gone off.

North of Kohleiche there is a quarry that has been placed under protection as a natural monument .


The farm was mentioned in a document in 1545 as coalick . At that time the affiliation of the court to the Honschaft Oberdüssel of the Bergisch rule Schöller in the office of Solingen was certified.

On the Topographia Ducatus Montani by Erich Philipp Ploennies from 1715, the farm is marked as Kohleich . On the topographical survey of the Rhineland from 1824, two immediately adjacent residential areas are marked as coal . These are on the Prussian premiere from 1843 as Ob. Kohleich and Unt. Labeled Kohleich . In the course of the 20th century, the place, which has grown together, is no longer differentiated into Upper and Lower Kohleiche, also bears the name Kohleiche on measuring table sheets .

In the 19th century, Kohleiche belonged to the Oberdüssel community of the mayor of Wülfrath . From 1816 to 1861 it belonged to the Elberfeld district and from 1861 to the old Mettmann district . Kohleiche was right on the border between Oberdüssel and the community of Sonnborn , which was renamed Vohwinkel in 1880 .

In 1888 13 people lived in two houses in Kohleiche. The place is called Kohleiche there.

With the municipal reform of 1929, the eastern part of the Oberdüssel district around Kohleiche was split off from Wülfrath and incorporated into the newly founded city of Wuppertal.

In 1990 the gap in the federal highway 224n between Velbert and Wuppertal was completed on a deep cut past Kohleiche . The expressway crossed the Brucher Bach on a high bridge south of the village. After completion, the road was upgraded to the federal highway 535 in 2007.

Individual evidence

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