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Landolf Scherzer (1997)

Landolf Scherzer (born April 14, 1941 in Dresden ) is a German writer and publicist .


Landolf Scherzer was born in Dresden in 1941. From 1962 to 1965 he studied at the Faculty of Journalism in Leipzig. Because of critical reports that he had written with Klaus Schlesinger and Jean Villain for Neue Berliner Illustrierte , he was de-registered . Until 1975 he was editor of the newspaper Free Word in Suhl , since then he has been a freelance writer in Thuringia.

Scherzer was chairman of the active literary journalism in the writers 'association of the GDR and chairman of the writers' association in the Suhl district. From 1994 to 1999 and from 2006 to 2007 he was regional chairman of the Association of German Writers (VS) in the regional district of Thuringia, of which he is still an assessor today. Landolf Scherzer is also a member of the writers' association PEN Center Germany .


Scherzer's work deals with the GDR and its political system. The publication of his books in the GDR was made more difficult at times. After 1989 he described difficulties and opportunities in the process of unification in long-term reports.

Well-known is his book Fänger und Gefangene , in which he describes life and work on a state-owned fishing trawler and makes clear the insanity of industrial fish production and the inadequacies of the GDR's economy. His report book Der Erste also caused a stir . It describes the actions and the illusion of the 1st Secretary of the SED district leadership Hans-Dieter Fritschler, whom Scherzer accompanied for four weeks in November 1986, and his Bad Salzungen district . Here, for the first time, insights into the internal structure of the SED party apparatus were given. Scherzer designs u. a. the image of a committed functionary who aims to compensate for technical deficits in GDR companies through the commitment of the working people.



Scherzer at a reading in the Nordhausen City Library (2015)
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