List of the kings of Elam

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The kings of the kingdom of Elam (2550–644 BC)

Awan dynasty

Surname Name in Akkadian texts Reign (dates B.C.) comment
3 kings with unknown names approx. 2550
Pieli approx. 2500
belongs to the realm of the Akkadians
Luḫḫi-iššan approx. 2350/25
Ḫielu approx. 2300
Ḫita circa 2275
Kutik-Inšušinak Puzur-Inšušinak circa 2240

Simashki dynasty

Some of these rulers may rule in different places at the same time

Surname Reign comment
Tazitta Contemporary of Amar-Sin and Šu-Sin of the 3rd Dynasty of Ur
Gir-Namme around 2030 Contemporary of Šu-Sin of the 3rd Dynasty of Ur
Ebarti I. Contemporary of Šu-Sin of the 3rd Dynasty of Ur
Lu [...] raluuhaan
Kindattu around 2000 BC Chr. Contemporary of the Išbi-Erra of the Isin dynasty
Idaddu I. is called ensi from Susa; King ( lugal ) of Schmiaschki and Elam
Tanhurater is called ensi from Susa
Eparti II. King (lugal) of Anjan and Susa
Idaddu II is called ensi from Susa
Idattu-Napir around 1890 BC Chr. Contemporary of the Sumu-abum of Babylon

Dynasty of the Ebartids or the great regents; approx. 2000 – approx. 1500 BC Chr.

(the order is not guaranteed)

Surname Name in Akkadian texts Reign comment
Silhaha King (lugal); Sukkalmah
Kuk-Kirmash First ruler to call himself Sukkalmah; Sukkal from Elam
Kuk-Nashur I.
Simut-wartaš I.
Siwe-Palar-Khuppak around 1775 BC Chr. Contemporary of the Hammurabi of Babylon
Kuduzulusch I.
Kutir-Nahhunte I.
Tata Succal
Tempti agun
Kutir-Silkhakha I.
Kuk-Nashur II.
Simut-wartaš II.
Kuduzulush II.
Kuk-Nashur III.
Kuk-Nashur IV.

The Kidinuiden, approx. 1500 – approx. 1400 BC Chr.

(the order of rulers is unknown)

Surname Name in Akkadian texts Reign comment
Kidinu King of Susa and Anzan
Inšušinak-sunkir-nappipir Inšušinak-šar-ilani King of Susa
Tan Ruhurater II. King of Susa and Anzan

Igiḫalkids, approx. 1400–1210 BC Chr.

The individual order is not guaranteed.

Surname Name in Akkadian texts Reign comment
Igi-ḫalki around 1400
Paḫir-Iššan around 1375 BC Chr. Son of Igi-ḫalki, married to a close relative of the Babylonian king Kuri-galzu I.
Attar-kittaḫ Son of Igi-ḫalki
Ḫumban-numena I. Son of Attar-kittaḫ
Untaš-Napiriša Founded the city of Choga Zanbil ; Son of Ḫumban-numena I.
Unpaḫaš-Napiriša Son of Paḫir-Iššan
Kidin-Ḫutran I. Son of Paḫir-Iššan
Kidin-Ḫutran II. Son of Untaš-Napiriša
Napiriša-untaš 1340-1330 BC Chr./1276–1266 BC Chr. Son of Kidin-Ḫutran II.
Kidin-Ḫutran III.


Surname Name in Akkadian texts Reign comment
Hallutuš-Inšušinak 1205 - approx. 1185
Šutruk-Nahhunte II. 1185 - approx. 1155
Kutir-Nahhunte III. 1155 – approx. 1150
Šilhak-Inšušinak I. 1150 - approx. 1120
Hutelutuš-Inšušinak 1120 - approx. 1110
Silhina-Hamru-Lagamar 1110–

Elam was founded by Babylonians in 1100 – ca. 760 BC Ruled

Late Elam

Surname Name in Assyrian / Babylonian texts Reign comment
Humban-tahrah 760-743
Humban-igaš I. Humban-nikaš II. 743-717
Šutruk-Nahhunte III. 717-699
Hallušu-Inšušinak Ḫallušu 699-693
Kutikaruk Kutir-Nahhunte IV. 693-692
Humban numena Umman-menanu 692-689
Humban-Haltaš I. 689-681
Humban Haltaš II. 680-675
Urtagu Urtak 675-664
Tempti-Huban-Inšušinak Te-Umman 664-653 Son of Šilhak-Inšušinak II.
Humban-nikaš III. Ummanigaš 653-651 Son of Urtak
Tammaritu 651-649
Indabibi 649 to July 648
Humban Haltaš III. Ummanaldaš 648
Umbahabua 647
Tammaritu 647 Sack of Susa

Elam is conquered by Assurbanipal and falls to Assyria .

Late Elam after the Assyrian conquest, sometimes only local rulers

Surname Reign comment
Sutur-Nahhunte Built on the Temple of Pinikir ; ruled in Susa
Hallutaš-Inšušinak Renovated the temple of Inšušinak; ruled in Susa
Atta-hamiti-Inšušinak known only from the fragments of a stele; ruled in Susa
Ummanunu in Susa
Sutur-Nahhunte ruled in Malamir
Humban-Shuturuk ruled in Gisat
Pahuri ruled in Zamin
Šilhak-Inšušinak II. Son of Ummanunu; occupied in Susa
Tepti-Huban-Inšušnak Son of Šilhak-Inšušinak II; occupied in Susa; Campaigns


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