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Former Physikatshaus Königstrasse 43 (2016)

The Lübeck Stadtphysici were the heads of health care in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck in the early modern period up to the 20th century.

Lübeck city physics

The Stadtphysicus or city Medicus , who is also coroner was, was usually appointed for life, and was directly subordinated to the Lübeck advice. In case of old age, either an assistant or (regularly since the 17th century) a second city physician with the right of succession to support the incumbent was appointed. The office was introduced in the Free Imperial Cities under the Roman-German King Sigismund in 1426. The first reliable mention of a city physician in Lübeck comes from the year 1476. From 1574 to 1762 the official residence of the city physician was in the physics building , the preserved corner house at Königstrasse 43 / Dr. Julius-Leber-Strasse. The Stadtphysici belonged to the familia Senatus , were entitled to a seat in the council chairs in the Marienkirche and a corresponding burial.

City physics

Name and dates of life Term of office Education Special features and comments Illustration
Dr. Engelbert mentioned in 1476 ?
Rembertus Giltzheim 1529-1532 Leipzig, Rostock previously rector of the University of Rostock
Laurentius Schönfeldt 1532– ?
Lambert Friedland around 1568–1574 Rostock led a dispute with the Ministry of Spirituality about theological questions of original sin and the teaching of the evening memorial, see Hans Wessel and Johannes Saliger
Peter Memmius (1581–1587) Utrecht? previously Stadtphysicus in Rostock and Rector of the University of Rostock
Dr. Sayers mentioned in 1589 ?
Petrus Budanus 1590s? 1556 in Rostock, 1559 Wittenberg 1562 Montpellier from Antwerp ; then doctor in Wismar; † 1599
David Herlitz 1606-1614 Wittenberg, Leipzig, Rostock previously rector of the University of Greifswald in 1597 . 1598 physician in Stargard and from 1606 city physician in Lübeck. In 1614 he returned to Stargard.
Johann Heinrich Meibom 1629-1655 Helmstedt, Wittenberg, Leipzig, Basel previously professor at the University of Helmstedt . His portrait from the city ​​library was temporarily attached to the mayor's gallery in Lübeck's town hall and from there it came to the St. Annen Museum.
Johann Georg Laurentius His portrait formerly hung in the city ​​library , today in Lübeck town hall . The painter of the picture was Burchard Wulff (1669).
Johann Georg Laurentius.JPG
Paul Neucrantz 1655-1671 Rostock, Padua
Johann Fitzmann 1676-1694 Rostock, Giessen, Padua
HL City Library JohannesFitzmann.JPG
Nikolaus Hanneken 1695-1708 Giessen, Leiden, Tübingen previously since 1677 second Physicus
Johann Nolto 1708-1711 div., suffering? previously Stadtphysicus in Wismar and since 1694 second Physicus
HL City Library JohannesNolto.jpg
Johann Jacob Stolterfoht 1708-1718 Wittenberg (Theol.), Rostock, Greifswald from Schleswig, appointed second physicist by the council in 1708, first physicist in 1712
Johann Georg Exchange 1720? from Silesia, his appeal was challenged before the Reich Chamber of Commerce
Franz Jacob von Melle 1743-1770 Altdorf, Strasbourg
Hans Bernhard Ludwig Lembke 1770-1803 Greifswald, Leiden previously since 1766 second Physicus; 1799–1803 Georg Heinrich Behn was his assistant
Theodor Friedrich Trendelenburg 1803? -1813 Goettingen Son of the Lübeck doctor Karl Ludwig Friedrich Trendelenburg . 1809 co-founder of the Lübeck Medical Association .
Sil.SammSchubert Theodor Friedrich Trendelenburg142.tif
Heinrich Wilhelm Danzmann 1813-1831 Copenhagen, Kiel 1802 co-founder of the seaside resort in Travemünde . 1809 co-founder of the Lübeck Medical Association.
Johann Christian Jeremias Martini 1831-1841 Goettingen
Overbeck Martini1809.jpg
Johann August Hermann Heylandt 1841-1865 Halle, Berlin, Kiel
Johann Heinrich Christoph Pabst -27. April 1879
Carl Turk 1880-1890 Rostock, Breslau, Berlin practiced from 1862 and from 1866 also staff and battalion doctor of the garrison until his appointment in 1880
Otto Riedel 1891– came in October 1889 from the medical-surgical Friedrich Wilhelm Institute as staff and battalion doctor to the Lübeck battalion
Ernst Altstaedt 1928–1931? ? Responsible for the Lübeck vaccination accident . In the 1930s the Physicat was lifted and the tasks went to the city. Health Department over.


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