List of members of the Liechtenstein Parliament (1982)

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This list shows the members of the Landtag of the Principality of Liechtenstein , which emerged from the elections on February 7, 1982. The legislative period lasted until 1986. This election was the last in which only men had the right to vote.


Of 5,246 people eligible to vote, 5,004 took part in the election (95.4%). Of the votes cast, 4,909 were valid. The votes and mandates were distributed in the two constituencies - Oberland and Unterland  - as follows:

Political party be right Seats
Oberland Unterland all in all Share of votes Oberland Unterland all in all
Progressive Citizens Party (FBP) 13,254 5'019 18,273 46.53% 4th 3 7th
Patriotic Union (VU) 16,194 4,803 20,997 53.47% 5 3 8th

List of members

Surname fraction Constituency be right comment
Josef Biedermann FBP Oberland 1463
Josef Büchel FBP Unterland 794
Noldi Frommelt FBP Oberland 1458
Louis Gassner FBP Oberland 1389
Georg Gstöhl VU Oberland 1750
Hermann Hassler VU Unterland 769
Paul Kindle VU Oberland 1773
Beat Marxner FBP Unterland 835
Armin Meier FBP Unterland 798
Franz Meier VU Unterland 803
Karlheinz Ritter VU Oberland 1811 President of the Landtag
Alfons Schädler VU Oberland 1742
Ludwig Seger VU Oberland 1728
Dieter Walch FBP Oberland 1387
Günther Wohlwend VU Unterland 775

List of deputies

Surname fraction Constituency annotation comment
August Beck VU Oberland 1720
Franz Beck VU Oberland 1715
Eugen Büchel FBP Oberland 1349
Franz Elkuch FBP Unterland 736
Felix Hassler FBP Unterland 756
Peter Hemmerle FBP Oberland 1305
Anton Hoop VU Unterland 768
Edwin Kindle FBP Oberland 1340
Walter Marxer FBP Unterland 759
Elias Nigg VU Oberland 1681
Franz Oehri VU Unterland 709
Karlheinz Oehri VU Unterland 730
Richard Schierscher FBP Oberland 1327
Peter Wolff VU Oberland 1566

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