List of members of the Liechtenstein Parliament (1970)

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This list shows the members of the Landtag of the Principality of Liechtenstein , which emerged from the elections on January 30th and February 1st, 1970. The legislative period lasted until 1974. For the last time, electoral proportion was elected, and the 18 percent hurdle, which was lowered to 8 percent in 1973, also applied for the last time.


Of the 4309 eligible voters, 4091 people took part in the election (94.9%). Of the votes cast, 4051 were valid. The votes and mandates were distributed in the two constituencies - Oberland and Unterland  - as follows:

Political party be right Seats
Oberland Unterland all in all Share of votes Oberland Unterland all in all
Progressive Citizens Party (FBP) 1295 683 1978 48.83% 4th 3 7th
Patriotic Union (VU) 1456 552 2008 49.57% 5 3 8th
Christian Social Party (CSP) 0 65 65 1.60% 0 0 0

List of members

Surname fraction Constituency be right comment
Franz Beck VU Oberland 1416
Johann Beck VU Oberland 1498
Cyrill Büchel VU Unterland 608
Ernst Büchel FBP Unterland 712
Alexander Frick FBP Oberland 1309
Roman Gassner VU Oberland 1540
Anton Gerner FBP Unterland 659
Eugen Hasler VU Unterland 621
Herbert Kindle VU Oberland 1496
Georg Malin FBP Unterland 660
Peter Marxer FBP Oberland 1344
Franz Nägele VU Unterland 606
Karlheinz Ritter VU Oberland 1539 President of the Landtag
Hans Verling FBP Oberland 1256
Emanuel Vogt FBP Oberland 1302

List of deputies

Surname fraction Constituency annotation comment
Heinz Büchel FBP Oberland 524
Josef Büchel VU Oberland 1135
Wolfgang Feger FBP Oberland 1310
Josef Frommelt FBP Oberland 1079
Georg Gstöhl VU Unterland 1368
Werner Gstöhl FBP Unterland 537
Anton Marxer FBP Oberland 1397
Gustav Jehle VU Unterland 930
Alois child VU Unterland 567
Anton Marxer VU Unterland 598
Eugen Schädler VU Oberland 1235
Arnold Schurte FBP Oberland 1250
Gebhard Näscher Seger VU Oberland 461
Hugo Wohlwend FBP Unterland 616

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